Make Your Day Work For You Not Against You!


I'm getting you started on the right path for the new year and bringing you another popular old post, this time from June.  A lot of people set New Years Resolutions to be more organized, exercise, eat healthier, and just be a better you!  This post is all about how to make your day work for you not against you!  I hope you enjoy it:

We’ve all had those days where we wish things would of gone differently so I’m going to give you a tool to let you ROCK your day!  For some people routines seem like too much work  (Routines Are A Lot of Work) so I’ll make this simple and easy to follow, it isn’t a routine just a guideline for your day so you can make it flow and work FOR you not AGAINST you!

I like to schedule a month in advance with all the important dates, appointments, work schedules, holidays, field trips, and all the other fun stuff that gets packed in there.  From there I break it down weekly and go through my week schedule every Sunday (Organize Your Week) and to make it even easier I pre-plan my day each night taking a look at my week schedule and making sure I fit in all the must dos first!  When you approach it in baby steps things become a lot easier.  This process may take a few tries to get used to but why not start now? What have you got to lose?!

When I get organized at night, for some reason I just wake up in a more productive mood and am ready to take things head on!  I’ve broken down the tasks you will more than likely want to fit into your day so you can make a list as you go then see how it works for you! Start with a blank sheet of paper, a schedule template, or an online program and pencil these in:

  1. Schedule in sleep – this is very important to keeping your sanity
  2. Meals – when do you eat?!  (Use your weekly plan for this!)
  3. Kids – drop off and pick up from school/daycare or if you have little ones at home when do they nap and eat, when do the kids go to bed?
  4. Errands – grocery shop, bank, mail, etc
  5. Cleaning – I have a set cleaning schedule that I break down over the week so I can tackle small tasks every day instead of doing a mad rush one day a week!
  6. Getting ready – When do you get ready, when do you get the kids up to get ready?
  7. Work – When do you work?  When do you need to find time during the day to get immediate things done?  Can you make time in the morning or at night to tackle this without the kids bugging you?
  8. To-do List – What are your daily to-do tasks that need to be tackled?  Take a look at your master task list you made on Sunday and make sure you are completing your must do tasks first and then filling in gaps with other not as important items.
  9. Me-Time – what one thing will you do for you today?  And when? Before you are able to help others you have to help yourself first, a Momma who is aligned with her wants and needs is able to help others that much more.
  10. Goals – What step are you taking to get closer to your goal for today? (I make sure I’m taking at least 1 action step every day to get closer to accomplishing my goals) See my post Let's Get the Fire Back!
  11. The 5-minute tidy – I LOVE waking up to a clean house, I do a quick 5 minute tidy before I go to bed so everything is in its place and I can wake up feeling calm and relaxed before the chaos ensues.
  12. Devotions – prayer, meditation, exercise whatever it is that you feel strongly about and do every day don't forget to put it in!

The most important thing to remember is CELEBRATE in the things you do accomplish not in the things you don’t.  When we take the time to celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments it changes the mood we have around the tasks and creates a more productive and loving environment to be in.  Be your own best friend and celebrate you!!

Once I’ve completed planning my day I do a brain dump using my journaling sheet, which can be found here.  Make sure to take a little time to relax and enjoy being you!

ACTION STEP: start with small simple steps and write down what you want your ideal day to look like!

How do you tackle a busy day?

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