Make Grocery Shopping Easy with this Checklist Printable


I don't know about you but I find that when I finally have time to head to the grocery store without kids I never have my list ready and I'm in a scramble to get organized and out the door.  I thought about it for awhile and came up with a way to be more organized and make grocery shopping easy with a checklist!  This printable is great, you can either use the pre-filled version or the blank one to create your own list.  Whichever you choose you'll be well on your way to being organized and getting out the door quickly to go grocery shopping.

Grocery Shopping List Printable Checklist

Make Grocery Shopping Easy with this Checklist Printable

With this pre-filled grocery checklist you can easily keep track of what you need so you can be out the door as soon as you have time for that solo trip to the store.  I have to say I love going to the grocery store by myself, it is like a mini vacation.  Its funny though because I never thought that I would ever be saying that going shopping was like a vacation but things change once you have kids.  Some days I wish I could go to the bathroom by myself or drink my coffee in silence and not have to wake up an hour early to do that.

Blank Grocery Shopping Checklist Printable

If you prefer making your own shopping list you can download the blank version and keep it handy to add to ask you run out of things in the pantry or creating your meal plan for the week.  I found that tailoring the list to reflect the purchases I usually make was the easiest thing to do and worked best for us.  I keep it up on the fridge so we can all add to it when we need something.

You can either click on the images to download the grocery checklist you like the most or by clicking on one of these:

I hope you find the checklist printable as helpful as I do and you can make grocery shopping easy too!

How do you keep organized?

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  1. Laura, you are right completely with this outing to the shop. Admittedly I don’t have children, but I know how the life of the mother looks like .. , because I am very close from my with sister which has 2 daughters, alone even I am dragging the rally out for the shopping so that a bit she breathes and relaxed. I will send her your check list, certainly for her it will facilitate the shopping:)

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