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Dustin is back with another fun toy review.  This time he’s unboxing and setting up the LTXtreme Air Chargers Twisted Turn Crashway.  This one took a bit of time to set up but he was able to do it on his own and loved playing with it after.  Let’s take a look.

Extreme Air Chargers

You control the power as you pump up the action with these LTXtreme Air Chargers.  Recommended for ages 5+ this set is great for hours of fun and no batteries are needed!!

Pump your launcher, launch your vehicle, conquer the wall bank, hit the jump and crash through the barricade with the Air Chargers Twisted Turn Crashway.  Includes fun racing sounds when car launches, providing a thrilling race experience and easy to use pump launcher so you can quickly charge up your race car and go.

The set includes the Twisted Turn Crashway and Exclusive Car – Taz.

LTXtreme Air Chargers Twisted Turn Crashway

Stunt! Jump! Crash!

With additional sets and racers available the kids will have endless fun racing each other and putting their cars to the test.  Look for these sets in store:

  • LTXreme Air Chargers Vehicle and Launcher – 5 colors available
  • LTXreme Air Chargers 3-in-1 Stunt Loop Set
  • LTXreme Air Chargers Twisted Turn Crashway

You can purchase LTXtreme Air Chargers at most major retailers and Amazon.

LTExtreme Air Chargers

Dustin loves how easy the Crashway was to set up and after he did a manual test drive (running the car with his hand) he was able to perfectly set up the ramp and barricade.  The pump is fun to use and you can make your car go really fast.

I love that the LTXtreme Air Chargers Twisted Turn Crashway doesn’t require batteries!! A win in my books.  Once set up it does take up a bit of space, which means he doesn’t tend to clean it up after using and it stays set up in his room for a period of time.

Overall the LTXtreme Air Chargers Twisted Turn Crashway is a lot of fun and easy to set up.  We think it will be a hot toy this holiday season.

We hope you get to try out the LTXtreme Air Chargers soon!

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