The Lowdown On Getting That Perfect Nude Makeup Look


Getting the perfect nude makeup look depends on a number of factors. It’s definitely no longer about that horrendous ‘concealer lips’ trend that was huge in the noughties. This guide will help you to recreate the perfect nude makeup look yourself, so take a look:

Use Neutral Shadows

In order to achieve the perfect nude makeup look, using neutral shadows is a good idea. In case you’re wondering: yes, there is still a point to wearing shadows on the eye if you’re going for a nude look. They will help to deepen your eyes, make your eye color pop, and have other beautiful benefits on your makeup look too. One example of the perfect sort of shades to use is the Lorac unzipped makeup palette. By ensuring you use a couple of different shades and blend really well, your eye makeup will look amazing and you’ll get your nude look off to the right start. Start with a transitional color in the crease, then a lighter color on the lid, and an even darker color right in the crease on the outer corner. Then blend to make it look as natural as possible. Use a brush with nothing on it to blend for the best effect!

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Give Yourself A Healthy Complexion

A healthy complexion is crucial if you’re going for a nude makeup look. Sometimes the nude look is all about going natural, sometimes, you want to go a little more sultry with it. Either way, you need to make sure you look as healthy as possible. Start with a great primer, and then apply corrector concealer if you need to. This can help with dark circles and spots. Then you can apply your foundation. Use a good brush or even a wet sponge to get a good finish. Ensure you blend right into your neck, as a tide mark is the last thing you want!

Once you’ve done that, you can apply your regular concealer. Then, it’s time for a dash of bronzer for that healthy glow!

Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliate your lips before you apply your lipstick. You want them to look plump and smooth, not dry and cracked. Ideally, you should keep them moisturized regularly to stop this from ever being an issue. You can use an old toothbrush to do this, or a ready made lip exfoliant. You can also make one yourself!

Use The Perfect Toned Lipstick

Now it’s time to find the perfect toned lipstick for you. Experts say that the perfect shade is one shade deeper than your skin tone. If you’re fair, something with pink in it often works best. However, you will need to experiment to see what you like best. Whatever you do, avoid that concealer lips look at all costs!

Choose The Right Formula For You

Choosing the right formula is important too. It used to be all about the matte lipsticks, but now it's about more sheer formulas that sit on the lips nicer and are more comfortable to wear. If you have chronically dry lips, you definitely don’t want to wear a matte lipstick. However, lipstick that’s got too much sheen can sometimes look too shiny. Make sure you look at pictures of any lipstick you think of buying first, so you can figure out if this is the formula you want.

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Line Your Lips

Lining your lips will help to deepen the color of them, as well as define them much better. If you want lips that look plump and noticeable, lining them is the way to go. Make sure your liner is always sharp before you begin, and make sure you don’t overline too much if you plan on doing that! Kylie Jenner may have made overlining popular, but many people tend to take it too far and end up looking like clowns.

Use A Lipstick Brush and Blot

A lipstick brush is well worth the investment. Rather than applying the formula straight from the stick, use a brush to paint it on. This gives a smoother, nicer effect and helps the lipstick to last longer. Many people know they should blot to make their lipstick last, but they blot incorrectly. Don’t put the tissue inside your mouth and press together, as it’ll wear off unevenly. Instead, simply kiss the tissue and reapply.


Finally, highlight your cheeks and then the cupid’s bow of your lips. This will give you a healthy look and help your lips to look even plumper.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and send nudes!


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