I Loved Indoor Playground Fun from YouTube Kilroy238


There is nothing better than a few laughs on the playground with the kids!  That's why when I stumbled on this fun YouTuber Kilroy 238 I had to share some clips with you on indoor playground fun.  Some of the YouTube videos have millions of views!  I couldn't believe it myself but if you stumble over and watch a few your'll know why.

I Loved Indoor Playground Fun

I picked a video on YouTube from Kilroy238 that has 54,950,616 views and that's when I wrote this post, I'm sure there are a ton more now.  Sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy a cute video I love indoor playground fun.

Having fun at the indoor play area at a local baby store in Tianjin China. We had the place all to ourselves and both of us had a fun time. Took a few minutes for her to get used to the ball pit. She was a bit nervous about being surrounded but after a few minutes she had a blast in there as well as playing on other things in the playground.

For more great videos visit I loved indoor playground fun!

Follow Barbara Dawn as she sings to her ice cream cone, visits Beidaihe and so much more!  You just never know what she's going to be up to next and to think it all started with indoor playground fun.

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