Is Looking After Yourself The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids?


Do you remember those days of pregnancy when everyone told you to look after yourself? “You have to eat the right foods,” and “sleep as often as you can.” “Make sure you’re getting fresh air and exercise – it’s good for the baby.” Back then, we knew that taking care of ourselves also benefitted our child. So why do we sacrifice everything that’s good and healthy now that our kids are bigger?

They say it only takes twenty minutes to get a great workout, but we have a world of excuses why there isn’t enough time. The trouble is, without the exercise, our energy levels start to dwindle, weight can creep on, and we start to lose confidence. Is this really the image we want our kids to aspire to as they get older? As parents, we do all we can to promote good health and an active lifestyle. Of course, leading by example could be the most powerful approach.

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Do you ever stay up late and then get up early? Reducing the hours you prioritize for sleep isn’t good for your health. A lack of sleep can start to wreak havoc with your mood as well as your attention to detail. Soon you’ll find you’re less patient, less interested and a lot more snappy with the kids. It’s not fair for them, but you simply won’t be able to help it if you’re too tired. So go on – prioritize your sleep for their sake. Treat yourself to a great memory foam mattress, a bedroom makeover, and that extra hour at night.

We all know kids are fussy eaters. And most of us are guilty of preparing more than one kind of meal at dinnertime to suit certain tastes. Unfortunately, many of us are also guilty of skipping our own healthy meal to make feeding the kids less fraught with indigestion. We know it’s not the best approach, and it might be sending out all the wrong signals to our children. Food is something we should savor, and eating together is a great way to spend quality time with the kids.

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What pastimes do the kids see you engaged with? If the answer is none, you might want to consider resurrecting some of those old hobbies you used to love. Having a personal pastime that you enjoy is important for your mental and emotional health too. You might love reading romance novels, or playing the guitar. Let the kids see that having a hobby is fun and time spent doing something for yourself is important. It helps them see that there is more to life than just school or work. Self-improvement provides more pleasure and satisfaction that sitting in front of the TV too.

When was the last time you dressed up, and spent some time with your makeup? Moms are the most organized and efficient people in the world! But sometimes, spending longer on yourself so you can enjoy a new look will give you a confidence boost the kids are sure to notice. Taking pride in your appearance will help the kids see the value in taking time for their own. Give yourself some time today.

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