A Look At Champagne – Wine Wednesday


This week I'm all about educating myself!  First it was coffee and now wine, I guess its a good thing I have time to read again and do the things I like.  One thing I need to get a little more educated on is wine and that means everything from champagne to ice wine so I thought I would start off with one of the types that I don't know much about.  I've put together some information I came across online and I'm happy to share it with you all.  Hope you enjoy!

A Look At Champagne  Wine Wednesday

A Look At Champagne – Wine Wednesday

Traditionally, Champagne has always a way to celebrate milestones or a new marriage. Considered to be a flexible beverage, Champagne can be served with a meal or with dessert. For many years, this refreshing and exotic drink has been used as a way of celebration and just enjoying the times that lie ahead.  Fun, right!

Champagne comes from the vineyards of the French region. If you get a bottle and notice Champagne imprinted on the label, you can rest assured that the bottle was produced in the vineyards of France. If you don't get Champagne that was produced in the infamous French regions, you are pretty much just buying the standard sparkling wine, which is ok too I haven't met a bottle I haven't enjoyed 😉 .

Champagne is made using three different types of grape – Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay.

  • Noir and Meunier are types of black grapes,
  • Chardonnay is a type of white grape

The label on the bottle will signify what type of Champagne you are buying, so you'll know what flavor to expect. There are also types of this wine that are a blend of different grapes, providing quite an exquisite taste.

A lot of people prefer Champagne because of the bubbles that are known to spew forth once a bottle has been uncorked. The bubbles that spew from this wine are the result of tiny drops of liquid that are disturbed by the carbonic acid gas. Once the liquid is disturbed, the bubbles form and shoot out of the bottle. This is a natural reaction of the double fermentation process that can only be found with a bottle of Champagne.

The next time you have a celebration and need something to make the celebration a bit more interesting, you should grab a bottle of Champagne. Few things compliment a celebration like the bursting bubbles.  I have to say the bubbles are fun for all ages!  The best part I like about Champagne is nobody judges you when you have some with orange juice at breakfast, its called a Mimosa and is delicious.  Trust me you'll want to try it at your next brunch!


Real Momma says if you’re going to drink, drink responsibly!

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