Long-Term Memory Enhancing Drugs


For enhancing the long term memory carious supplements are available in the market. These drugs help in providing support to the cognitive function of the brain. Short term memory is to save the temporary data while the long term memory is to save a permanent data. These memories include the basic personal things, name of the family people etc. Long term memory helps in the formation of semi-permanent connections in the brain. With the growing life it has become difficult for a person to save a lot of things as the permanent memory.

Long-Term Memory Enhancing Drugs

Ways to improve Long term memory:

If the tissues present in the brain are flexible and are in the form of plasticity then long term saving of data is possible. Drugs help in making the tissues in the form of plasticity which in turn will help in the making of long term potential. Drugs that induce acetylcholine levels have the potential for formation of long term memory in the brain. With time the maintenance of this balance is not possible by the brain. The level of calcium is reduced and as a result the functioning of the brain weakens. If not treated on time then this could lead to serious problems in life. Drugs help in protecting from any disease that may occur in future and also helps in formation of the memory. To fight against the age related problems, cell integrity is required to be maintained. Anti-oxidants protect the cells from any damage.

The drugs used for long-term memory enhancement helps in providing both the results as well as the protection in the long run. In the recent times, many natural components have been used to treat the memory. The most popular of all the nootropics is the racetams. This substance majorly helps in enhancing the cognitive importance and helps in achieving high level of concentration, focus and increase in functioning of the memory. Piracetam in combination with other substances help in creating situations where there is the formation of long term memory.

Short term drugs work slower when compared to long-term memory drugs. Also there are several stack supplements available that helps in the protection of memory. One of such product is the CILTEP.  The components are derived from plants which in turn help in retaining the level of cAMP present in the brain. It also contains Vitamin B6 that helps in increasing the metabolism of the cells.


Hormones like neurohomones are produced by the brain. These hormones are helpful in the balancing the responses received in relation to stress. They also help in the growth of the cells. It can also act as a base for the formation of long term memory. Hormone named Dopamine is very popular for providing mental energy, good functioning of brain etc. At the NMDA site, hormones are very active and thus are important in communicating between the neurons and in turn strengthening the synapses.

Other most commonly used drug is the Pregnenolone. It helps in better focus and generates the level of neuroplasticity.


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  1. Yes, there are available such long term memory enhancing drugs. We say them smart drugs. They help us to increase the brain power and we use them safely then these drugs help a lot. To enhance the long term memory, we need to use them properly and shouldn’t overdose of them.

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