Living a More Conscious & Renewable Lifestyle With the Tetra Pak Challenge



As a parent of impressionable young children, I believe now is the time to teach them to be conscious about their everyday lifestyle choices.  The Renewable Living Tetra Pak Challenge is empowering consumers to be happier by adopting simple, renewable habits to protect the earth’s natural resources.  According to recent studies, we have the power to be happier and to protect the earth’s resources by adopting simple, renewable lifestyle behaviors.

The challenge: change one simple habit that will make a big impact on your life and the world around you!

Challenge #1: When grocery shopping, choose food and beverage products with renewable packaging, like cartons.

renewable challenge 1

I have to admit I never took the time to choose products with renewable packaging I always purchased what I was comfortable with because I never took the time to educate myself.  It turns out sustainable packaging like Tetra Pak cartons help protect our plane'ts limited supply of natural resources because they're mainly made from paper, a renewable resource that can be naturally replenished.

Living a More Conscious & Renewable Lifestyle With the Tetra Pak Challenge

It turns out that not only are the Tetra Pak containers better for the environment, but they fit into the cupboard easier too!  I love having clean lines and being organized so this challenge was eye opening and a simple change to make.

Did you know: renewable materials are those made of natural resources that can be replenished such as paperboard from wood fiber or plastic sugar cane and help preserve our precious natural resources?

Challenge #2: Take shorter showers.

take shorter showers

This challenge was the hardest for me because I love hot water and my few moments of silence I get.  I found setting a timer for myself made more efficient use of water and my time.

Challenge #3: Bike or walk whenever possible.

This challenge was the hardest for the kids because it meant walking to and from school.  Getting up and focusing on getting out the door in the morning because a fun challenge we could do as a family to get everyone out the door on time and around 10 minutes extra of walking twice a day.  Not only is walking good for the environment but it is good for your health too!

Challenge #4: Swap your paper coffee cup for a mug.

Swap your paper coffee cup for a mug

Next time you go on a coffee date or treat yourself think of the environment first.  Bring a travel mug with you or ask for a mug when ordering.  I didn't realize coffee shops did this until I was given this challenge, the little shops are the best because they usually have a unique collection of mugs.

Challenge #5: Take the Tetra Pak Happiness Quiz

Do your habits make you happy?  This quiz walks you through a series of questions that make you think about your everyday choices and how they have an impact on the world around you.

Take the Tetra Pak Happiness Quiz

I love living a more conscious and renewable lifestyle, with the Tetra Pak Challenge I did a lot of reflection on my choices and was eager to make simple changes.  I believe educating ourselves and our children is the only way we can ever make an impact on the world and impact future generations.

Why not add green living to the list of what makes us happy!

What steps are you taking towards a renewable lifestyle?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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