Living Mindfully with Awareness and Gratitude


I want to introduce you to a new guest author who I hope to have a long relationship with, she is truly amazing and has so much wonderful information to share with all of you.  As you probably know I am a big believer in energy and listening to what our bodies want and putting ourselves as individuals before our responsibilities to our families, relationships and even work.  And now I introduce you to Hannah.

I’ve been practicing yoga for the past ten years but like most things in life my relationship with my yoga practice has changed over time. It has ebbed, flowed, intensified, waned, become more physical, become less physical and more spiritual and became a refuge when my world was spinning.  At some point it became a rainbow of all of these things, I suppose.

Ultimately my yoga journey has been a very healing process for me both physically and emotionally. Most of the transformation has happened in my daily yoga practice at home and in bringing what I learn on the mat, off the mat. These discoveries have included what I learn about myself, what I discover about the world and what I realize about others. That in combination with being mindful about what I put into my body has allowed me to live a fuller, more energetic, more authentic life.

Living mindfully, with awareness and gratitude has completely changed my life. I know it sounds pretty easy but it really is a lot easier said than done. I still remain a student of it and learn lessons every day. For example, it still amazes me what a few minutes of intentional breathing can do for you emotionally and mentally.

To share the tools that have worked for me, I am going to be offering ‘30 Days to Wellness. It will be ongoing with every month being a little different. So join us for 1 or 12 months – your wellness journey is up to you!

This will be an illuminating exploration of integrating small doses of yoga practices and principals into your everyday life. You will be given the tools to develop a deeper connection to yourself and others. Offer yourself this time to invite healthy habits, breath awareness, movements and loving kindness into your life while developing a better understanding of your authentic self.

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Hannah Mongiat

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