Live without Regret 4 Summer Bucket List Items to Consider This Year


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You can make your summer meaningful by doing something you’ve never done before. Create an exciting experience and a lifetime of memories. Consider these bucket list items for an unforgettable summer.

Try Volunteering

Being selfless can be fun and meaningful because you can help others and try something new. Organizations are always in need of someone with skills such as writing, fundraising and graphic design among many others. Plenty of nonprofits will teach you new skills that you can use for a future job. You can also help out by walking dogs at a pet shelter, reading books to children or picking up trash in nature to clean the environment. Volunteer in another country by joining organizations like the Peace Corps.

Travel Somewhere

You can go on a road trip to another town or head to a foreign country. Learn a new language, immerse yourself in a unique culture and purchase beautiful handmade items. Visit a restaurant to taste a new cuisine. You might want to bring a journal and/or a camera to document your amazing experiences and preserve them for a lifetime. Travelling can be a spiritual experience.

Plant a Garden

Gardening is a calming activity that can also be fun. You can plant herbs, vegetables or fruits for healthier meals. Flowers can have a pleasant scent, brighten up a home and create a positive environment. Residential landscaping services can enhance your home with a European garden, desert residential landscaping, landscape lighting or something completely different. Your ideas can be brought to life for an overall spectacular effect in your own backyard. Planting trees is important because the environment is being quickly destroyed by deforestation. According to, this may add up to seven billion trees gone.

Enjoy Nature

Spending time outdoors can be inspiring, good for your health and great fun. Do meditation, yoga or prayer for a spiritual experience. Go hiking, biking or swimming. Bring a book to learn about the flora and fauna that exist in a particular area. Sit somewhere to watch the sunset, get some fresh air and feel grateful. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is often better for someone’s state of mind. Feel energized, calmer and more positive.

You can brainstorm more bucket list item ideas by getting creative. What have you always wanted to do but never tried yet? Whatever this may be, you can get motivated by living your best life this summer.


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