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I can't believe it I just received my tickets to attend LINK2013 in Toronto, Ontario!  This conference on October 1&2 is an event to bring shebloggers and brands together in one place in a unique two day conference at the King Edward Hotel!  I know that I'm looking forward to making new friends, connections, and enjoying a couple nights with adult company!

LINK2013 is designed to enables brands and shebloggers to collaborate and connect.

I have the privilege of flying in early to Windsor, Ontario to meet a girlfriend that I haven't seen in years so we can reconnect and relax.  I then have a quick four hour trip on the train to Toronto!  I honestly can't believe that the train has wifi and a business section, I will be riding in style and I can honestly say I deserve it!  That might sound a little selfish but I haven't been on a trip by myself for ME in probably about 5 years.  I don't know if I am excited or nervous, so many emotions I just can't contain them!

I am going to spend the few days I have away to relax and rejuvenate even if my head is going to be overloaded at moments.  I hope to remind myself just what taking care of myself is.  I can say it will be a huge shift in responsibility for me to only have to take care of me.  I almost laugh when I think of how simple it will actually be, but really I know I'm going to take forever to actually make a decision on what I want anywhere I go but that's ok too.  I need to practice what I preach and take care of me before I take care of everyone else and I can't wait for the opportunity to actually do this getaway and share the information with you!

In the meantime if you have any pointers for me or suggestions I would greatly appreciate them!

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