What Life Lessons Should You Teach Your Teenage Kids?


Any parent wants to make sure their children grow up to become responsible young adults. They want to instill the right moral values and ensure they know the difference between good and evil. The trouble is, some teenagers end up becoming rebellious and making some bad life choices.

Watching a child that you nurtured turn into something that is a polar opposite to what you expected can be heartbreaking. If you want to avoid that happening to your teenage children, what can you do about the problem? Well, the sad truth is that you can’t guarantee that they will or won’t do certain things in life.

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Of course, what you can do is teach them some valuable life lessons and hope (or pray) that they take them on board as they mature into adulthood! So, what kinds of things should you teach them?

You don’t need to succeed at everything

Sadly, some parents give their teenage children the impression that failure is not an option! Yes, it sounds like an overused cliche you might hear in “motivational” meetings at work. But, it can put children under intense pressure to perform to a high standard that you expect them to surpass.

We are all human beings, and while we have strengths in certain aspects, we aren’t experts at everything we try our hand at in life.

Failure helps you to learn

People often frown at those that tell their kids it’s okay to fail at stuff sometimes. But, failure should be something inspired young minds should embrace in equal measure to success. Why? The answer is simple: failure is an excellent educator.

When you make a mistake at something, finding out why it happened helps you to avoid doing it again. Sure, you don’t want your kids to make mistakes like taking drugs or getting addicted to alcohol, for example. However, learning to deal with negative situations in life can help them overcome and deal with rejection. Otherwise, they might try to find the answer to their problems at the end of a bottle.

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Earn instead of borrow

As your teenagers prepare to leave the nest that is your home, one thing they will do after education is to get a job. There is a big temptation to take out credit cards and loans to buy things they can’t afford.

The trouble with that approach, as you might expect, is they get into dire financial straits! One life lesson you should teach your children is to earn instead of borrowing money. Such an approach teaches them many valuable things. For a start, it encourages them to challenge themselves to save money. And it gives them a sense of achievement when they buy something with their own cash.

It’s no secret that many people end up owing a lot of money because of their debt. When that happens, they could end up falling behind on their payments. Creditors aren’t as sympathetic as you might expect and will add late payment markers to your credit files.

Still, if the worst did happen to them, there are sites like CreditRepairCompanies that can help young adults rebuild their credit files and start again, as it were.

Never stop dreaming

Some may say that being a dreamer gets you nowhere in life. They might even add that dreaming is just a way to escape the harsh truths of reality. Unfortunately for them, they fail to realize that dreams can often come true!

Impressionable young minds are creative, and they often come up with ideas for some of life’s most common problems. Did you know that many of today’s successful entrepreneurs are, in fact, young adults that turned their ideas and dreams into reality?

Dreaming can often be considered a catalyst for success. If you don’t dream, you’ll not have anything to fuel your ambitions. And that’s something you should point out to your adults-to-be!

Be a good salesperson

It doesn’t matter whether or not your teenagers decide to forge careers as salespeople. Sales skills should be something that all youngsters learn because they are valuable life skills. Why is that, I hear you ask?

Well, everyone needs to sell something at some point in their lives. For instance, your kids need to sell themselves, in a sense, to get a job. And if they want to start dating people, they’ll have to “sell” their good qualities to make themselves attractive to prospective partners. In fact, there’s an almost limitless list of situations where sales skills come in handy.

Humans have the ability to impress, influence, and persuade others into doing things they want. Sales skills are the basic foundation to do any of that stuff!

Be a good judge of character

The ugly truth about the world we live in is that there are a few “bad apples” that try to spoil things for the rest of us. You see these unfortunate characters in all walks of life. It’s crucial that youngsters learn how to discern good people from the bad ones.

No-one is saying that your kids should consider everyone as the enemy. But, on the same token, they should not assume that everyone is their friend either! Instead, they should learn to trust their gut feelings and evaluate if people have a hidden agenda. Doing so will help them weed out the good guys and gals from ones that mean to do your kids harm in some way.

Treat your body like a temple

Last, but not least, young adults should know that their bodies can only take so much self-inflicted abuse! The world today makes it easy for people to buy junk food or drinks that have lots of sugar and chemicals in them.

A well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise is always key to a long, healthy and happy life. Avoiding things life high-fat diets, sugary drinks, drugs, and alcohol will give their bodies the best start in life when they start their lives away from home. Check out the WebMD website for some excellent advice on diet plans.

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