Life Doesn’t Have To Be Painful


Why is it that so many people seem to believe that life is supposed to be painful? A struggle? It isn’t! Life can be a struggle at times – we can’t always be happy, even if we try. It ebbs and flows, and we never quite know what’s around the corner. That can be part of the fun. But why do some seem to want to make it more of a struggle than others? A lot of it can be down to what we learned from our parents as children – things we haven’t even realized we learned. If our parents constantly talked about what a struggle life was in front of us, even if we weren't involved in the conversation, it will have shaped our views and made us believe that today. The problem with this is we usually get more of what we expect to get. Science can prove this. If you’re expecting every day to be some kind of fresh hell, then it will be. Something will go wrong – you’ll go out of your way to find something and you won’t even know what you’re doing it!

We’re here to tell you that life doesn’t have to be painful. Here’s what you can do:

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Change Your Negative Thinking Patterns And Behaviours

A lot of what happens to us in life is down to our negative thinking patterns and behaviours. The problem with this is that people don’t like to believe it’s true. They want to believe that there’s someone else to blame. Maybe their boss doesn’t like them or the world is just out to get them. That’s not the case. If that’s the way you think, you shouldn’t be surprised if things you perceive as bad begin to happen to you. Start being honest with yourself. What do you do that’s stopping you from being happy? What do you tell yourself? Write these things down. Think of solutions. Changing negative thinking patterns and behaviour that we probably learned as children is one of the hardest things about anybody’s journey. It takes time, and you will slip up. The key is to just keep on going. Personal development is an ongoing journey, not something you do once and then live a fantastic life!

Make Decisions With Your Best Interests In Mind

Perhaps you’re always doing things for others and rarely thinking about yourself. This is a common trait of wives and mothers, although anybody can be like this. Start putting value on your own time and efforts. Realize your worth. If you’re constantly doing things for others and neglecting yourself, you’ll end up hurt, either physically or mentally. Then, the only things you can do is contact Crossen Kooi and hope they can take some of the burden of sorting the situation out away from you. Think about it. What’s best for you right now? How can you start putting yourself first?

Maybe you’re the only one in your way, stopping yourself from doing something you’ve always wanted to do. Life is too short to be anything but happy, so let yourself attempt to fulfill your wildest dreams. The only thing to be afraid of is not failing at all.


Start looking for more good stuff and you’ll see it. Carry around a little notebook so you can write it down. Write down 3 nice things that happened to you every day. Compliments people give you. This will lift your spirits and you’ll notice things begin to change!

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