Library Adventure


Well today was a dull day but I do have to say a lot of fun and I got some rest that I needed!  My sister came over for a quick visit this morning which was nice to see her but she's kicking my butt in our getting healthy challenge we have going, I successfully lost $20 to her for this week, hopefully I make it back next week.

library adventure

Library Adventure

Since the kidlets didn't want to do much today and Dustin has a fever again Cheyenne and I decided to go on an adventure to the library.  I have forgotten how neat libraries actually are and seeing through the eyes of a kid, wowza! Is all I can say.  She was so excited to get her very 1st library card and to be able to hang out in the kids section ALONE and pick out her own books!  I had the chance to do some browsing myself, really puts some inspiration in a  person browsing through all those titles.  Cheyenne needed up coming home with 5 books, 1 I Spy, and 1 movie (totally forgot you can rent free movies and audio books!!).  And for myself I pick up the Key to Living the Law of Attraction – watch for a review soon!  After the library we headed over to Shoppers Drug Mart to get some more Advil for Dust and Cheyenne picked out presents for everyone, I am the proud new owner of some anti-wrinkle cream!!  Funny how kids pick stuff.  She got herself some really neat makeup, a new line they carry exclusively essence turns out it is a european brand and really inexpensive.  I am interested in trying somethings out!

My advice when your day seems to be lazy, go out and have an adventure it may turn out to be an exciting experience!


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