Let’s Hear It For The Boys! A Style Guide For Men


You can tell a lot about a person from the style that they wear and when it comes to you man, style matters. A lot would say it shouldn’t matter what a man is dressed in, but it’s human nature to sit up and take notice. Most men would be happy to wear the same baggy thrift store jeans and plain t-shirt day in, day out. Then there are others who care about the wardrobe that they keep and what theme they stick to – and some of these themes also say a lot about a man. The clothes he wears tell the world what he stands for and what he wants to be. A gentleman tends not to wear bandanas like this and chunky costume jewelry, but suit trousers and smart shirts. A wannabe rapper doesn’t don a top hat and tails when he could be wearing his name in bling form across his hands and an open-hole vest.

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Style has an awful lot to do with what we value in life, and while we say that we shouldn’t judge someone by the way they look, we do it anyway. You’re bound to sit up and notice a person who takes care of their appearance in the same way you’d notice someone who hasn’t washed in months; it’s a societal trap we cannot – and usually do not – want to get out of. When it comes to men and their style, it’s like an open book. There are plenty of articles out there about the types of jewelry and accessories women wear, but what about men? If he is dripping in the best real gold jewelry from FrostNYC then he’s likely quite money minded and loves a bit of bling. If his eyebrows and facial hair are groomed to perfection, he probably cares a lot about his appearance.

Keeping a look stylish as well as classy sometimes feels easier for a man. In the office, a woman wears a different outfit every day to mix things up, changing suits from skirts to trousers and changing blouse styles to mix things up. Men tend to look immediately professional in smart suits with a tie, and with a spritz of aftershave, a suit is spruced up. Outside the office, however, style does matter for your confidence and how you feel about yourself. If you cannot carry yourself well then there’s no point in dressing yourself up – you should feel proud about the way you dress and carry it off with ease. Our style guide below can tell you what style type is yours and further below that, we’ve put together some excellent style tips.

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So, what kind of man is yours? What type of man are you? What does your style say about you as a person? We’ve put together a list of ‘types’ so you can see whether the man in your life has a particular style:

Mr Fancy-Pants:

A man who likes to wear designer tailored suits, shiny shoes and a watch with a name to it is a man who takes care of himself. He likely has a job that pays enough for the designer suits and therefore he knows how to look after himself. The fact he goes for personal tailoring says a lot about how he values himself and how he expects to be valued by others. Mr Fancy-Pants is ambitious and competitive and in the best way: he is a man of power and dresses the part precisely.

Mr Comfort:

You know the type; the slouch jeans, the faded t-shirt and the beanie hat he will never take off no matter how hot it gets outside. This man is interesting and his ability to hold an intellectual conversation is high. He pays more attention to his passions and talents instead of the clothes on his back and while this can make him out to be a little dishevelled, his quick wit and humour will make you forget about that. He’s the guy that gathers all his friends – he’s a popular dude – and makes plans to climb a mountain in Canada on a whim. He may turn his nose at your high maintenance styling, but he’ll whip you away to an open-air concert at the last minute.

Mr Sportsman:

Literally needing no explanation, this gent is one who integrates sports into every corner of his life. Baseball caps and jerseys are the staple in his wardrobe and he can give you any fact on any era of sports for any team instantly. He loves to watch sport, play sports and talk sports. He may not talk much about anything else but he can give you the lowdown on anything sporty you need to know. Plus, those muscle shirts look good!

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Mr Trendy:

A man who pays attention to the latest trends is a man who cares about whether he fits in. Every year there is a new style that emerges from skinny ties to fitted blazers. Anything that’s deemed hip and happening is this guy’s style. He’s charming, popular and chooses his clothes carefully. He wears great shoes and trainers and he makes sure that he stays within the trends as closely as possible.

Mr Relaxed:

This guy isn’t a fussy one. He doesn’t care if his jeans are like these Levi’s, or his suits are tailored. He’s laid back, balanced and while he cares if his clothes are clean, they don’t have to be on point or decorated with designer watches. He doesn’t need to be flashy when he’s comfortable in his own skin.

While you compare our man-style guide against your partner, pay some attention to the general style all men should have. It’s all well and good to understand what style says about your man – or you if you are a man reading this – but if you don’t know the essentials you should have in the wardrobe, you may as well not bother! Educating yourself on what your wardrobe needs is important if you want to be considered stylish and feel confident.

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A well-dressed man needs to have three types of shoes; trainers that are simple and go with everything, dress shoes for work and for evenings out, and boots. Boots don’t have to necessarily be climbing boots, but you get the choice of whether you want to look like a hiker or an architect. Shoes are a girls’ best friend for the most part, but a man who knows how to finish his outfit with the correct pair of shoes is a sexy one indeed!

Jackets with clean lines should feature in the wardrobe of every man. A denim jacket to dress down and a leather jacket like these to dress up in. Accessories like shoes, belts and jackets are something that do matter to complete an entire outfit, and your style finish will make your look take off. If you’re dressing in suits for work, opt for cheap shirts so you can spend the extra getting them tailored to fit you to perfection. A tailored suit and shirt pairing can make your workwear look far more professional and clean-lined. One of the biggest rules of shirt wearing is that if your shirt is patterned, your tie must be a plain one and vice versa. Colour match where you can (light blue shirts and navy ties) and make sure the tie you choose is appropriate for the occasion. Skinny ties are great for happy hour at the local bar but a normal tie works well for the office.

Unless you’re emulating your favourite basketball player, keep your t-shirts short in the sleeve and body. Keep to the staple, block colours like black, navy and grey so that you can match your t-shirt to any outfit and jacket in the wardrobe. There are hundreds of ways you can pair t-shirts and this website has so many ideas for you to choose from.

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The last thing you should think about for your outfit and style is accessories. Sunglasses and leather jackets go together like black leather belts with silver hardware. Adding a chunky chain to your leather jacket look gives you that biker vibe that many men covet. If you want to add a splash of colour away from the plain colours, why not go for a coloured leather belt in bold red or cool blue instead? A casual belt can show so much of your personality and you don’t want to be known as Mr Boring; he didn’t even feature in our man-style list!

You don’t need to be the one to show your partner what to wear or how to wear it, men have a unique way of discovering a style for themselves. But it does help to know what his style says about him as a person. In the same way as women, men don’t always lounge around in baggy jeans and we all know how good a guy looks in tailoring and smart shoes. The main thing is that a man HAS style in the first place and with the fashion world making clothing and accessories for men at a far more rapid rate than in the past, it’s hard to avoid it.


  1. I love that you have personified men’s style and separated them out by names. Most men are mixtures of each of these styles and conform into one style or another based on the events for the day. Well written post, thanks for sharing!

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    I think I definitely identify with Mr. Comfort the most.. with a side of Mr. Fancy-Pants from time to time. Thanks for sharing!

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    I am always confused about my clothes what to wear and at the last moment, I wear some different which is not good. So your tips are going to help me while selecting the outfits and wearing it on the occasion. So thank you again

  4. LOVE YOUR ARTICLE! The information provided gives you a sense of organization as well as wanting to blend a few of the styles together. I think part of a man’s style also has to do alot with their hair. The right haircut for each of these styles would be cool to see as well. Therefore we would be able to get that haircut and see with which style it would work best. Thanks for the great ideas and article.

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