Lessons in Real Estate:The Family Friendly Edition


When you have kids, it affects everything thing you do. In particular, it affects the type of home that you look for when it come time to move. This is because you want the find the perfect house, in the perfect place so you kids can have the perfect childhood. But what factors are truly the most important when selecting a family friendly home? Read on to find out.


First of all, anyone that has had the joy of being a parent to a screaming toddler will know that it is vital to have a home that has enough space! That mean's square footage will be important to you. Unfortunately, that also means that the price of the property you are looking for is also going to be higher.

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This is because as the general rule is the bigger the footprint of the home the more expensive it is. That often means that you have to make a compromise between the size of the property that you buy, or the location that you chose to buy it in.

Of course, only you can truly decide what is best for you family. But it is worth remembering that smaller properties can often be extended, but only rarely can be collected up and moved to a nicer area.


Another aspect that you want to consider when looking for a family-friendly home is the location that is it is in. It's not only the style or age of the house that can make a difference to your standard of living but the location as well.

For example, if your family loves to spend time outdoors in a pool or at the beach, then it may be worth looking at beach front properties like the one available on sites like SkyFiveProperties.com. Or if you family is more into visiting museums and going to see art shows, then an urban apartment may be much more relevant.

Basically whatever you do, make sure that you tailor where the home is, as what as how big it is and what it looks like to make it as family-friendly as possible.


Something that is also important is the community in which the home is in. Sometimes folks get the location and the community confused, but they aren't the same things. The community is the sense of cohesiveness of all the residents in that area coming together.

It about the neighborhood and how safe it is to bring you kids up in, and whether there are families like you own, that you kids can make friends with. In fact, Community is so important to feeling settled in a home, that it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.


Lastly, a huge issue for parents when considering a move is the education service in the areas that they are looking at. You are going to want the best chance for you kids in life, and that means getting them into a good school with decent behavior and grades. You can research the 100 best one in the US at neighborhoodscout.com.

Therefore it's definitely worth doing some research into the schools in the area before you buy, as well as checking which catchment area you will be located in.


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