Lessons Learned From A Seasoned Renter


Before you take that initial step onto the housing ladder and purchase your first home, it’s fairly likely that you’ll spend some time renting. Leasing a property is a great option as it gives you the freedom to move at short notice, you can experience living with different people, and you can test drive the areas that could be a potential spot for you to put down roots. So how do you get the most out of your rental experience and what are the pitfalls to avoid? Read on to find out.

If you are venturing out to live on your own for the first time, you will no doubt feel a mix of emotions: apprehension, excitement, fear. This is normal and will help you focus when making the decision on where to rent. Select an area close to your work within an easy commute of your friends so that you aren’t isolated. No matter how nice the pad with the coastal views looks, it’s still a ninety-minute bus journey to see your folks for dinner.

As well as practicalities of location, you’ll need to seriously consider your budget. Don’t overstretch yourself as you’ll never have any money to enjoy a lazy cafe breakfast on a Sunday morning. You need to be financially independent so try and limit your rent to about a third of your wages. This formula allows enough cash to enjoy a good social life, be able to budget for further necessities such as food and bills and means you may even be able to squirrel away some money, saving for a deposit if and when you buy your own property.

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Be a good tenant. Make sure you allow the landlord access to the property should he want to carry out an inspection. Your landlord has to give you at least 24 hours notice if they want to venture into your home, so you have time to clean up if you had friends round the night before. Wild parties are fine, just not at your house. Parties sound like a great idea in theory, but they always descend into some sort of madness whether it’s a stain on the carpet or the police being called because of the noise. Go to someone else’s party.

You should maintain the cleanliness levels within your pad. Daily cleaning means that the chores take up much less of your time and no dirt is allowed to build up. Come check-out day when you are ready to hand back your keys, it might be wise to get the pros in. Specialist companies such as Whizz lease cleaning will provide a one-off service returning your home to the same condition as when you first got the keys. Leaving on good terms means your landlord is more inclined to give you a good reference for your next property.

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Most important of all is your enjoyment of the new area you find yourself living. You may stumble across a rental property that you fall in love with and stay for a while. You may, on the other hand, be one of those people who want to experience a whole range of properties and find yourself moving every six months. This is the joy of renting!


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