LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit Review


With a family full of LEGO fans I have become a fan of the LEGO Ideas range, it is a fantastic concept from LEGO.  The Ideas sets are proposed and voted on by fans, when a set gets 10,000 votes within a certain timeframe it goes into review and LEGO produces the set!

That is exactly what happened here with the LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit

This set comes from British gardener and bird enthusiast Thomas Poulsom, who designed this wonderful set that received incredible support from LEGO fans worldwide!

The set includes 3 replica birds from around the world, each presented on its own individual stand.

The blue jay represents North Americ
The robin represents Europe
The hummingbird represents South America

Features of the LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit

  • 3 birds included
  • 7 inch blue jay
  • 6 inch robin
  • 5 inch hummingbird
  • 580 pieces
  • Ages 12+

Is The LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit Worth Buying?

First you need to realize that the LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit is exactly what it says – a model kit.

The models are designed to be stunning standalone features, not toys to be played with.  The difficulty is a little higher than usual LEGO sets, recommended at is 12 and up.  That being said LEGO enthusiasts who can build interact pieces can easily build the Birds Model Kit.

The assembly requires patience and can be challenging at times for those unfamiliar with more advanced LEGO building techniques.  The set includes 580 pieces and the three birds can be assembled simultaneously.  The total time of assembly depends on the level of expertise the builder has.  Experienced builders can have the set complete in about 90 minutes.

The hummingbird stands 5 inches tall from the base to tip.

While younger children will not understand the difficulty and admire the detailed design of the LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit wildlife enthusiasts and LEGO model fans will love it!

The assembly is challenging and the instruction are clear and concise leaving a rewarding model to admire time and time again.  This set is one of the most popular sets to come out of the LEGO Ideas program, and it's easy to see why.


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