Legacy Academy Franchise Review: One Parent’s Experience


Choosing childcare for your child is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. It was for me. Fortunately, after touring no less than five preschools and talking to many more (including daycares), I found the perfect fit for me and my child. The local Legacy Academy franchise in my area offered everything I was looking for.

The first thing I looked at when searching for a preschool in my area, was is the preschool accredited? Are their employees fingerprinted? Do they undergo background checks? This was an absolute must for me. As a parent, I take my daughter’s safety seriously, and I would never send her off to a daycare or preschool without doing a ton of due diligence first.

It turns out, each Legacy Academy franchise is accredited by the National Association
for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which maintains extremely high standards and promotes high-quality learning by connecting practice, policy, and research. Each franchise also maintains stringent guidelines for employees and requires that all employees are fingerprinted and must undergo and pass a background check in order to be considered for hire.

The next all important criteria I had on my list for selecting the perfect preschool for my 2-year old daughter, was finding a daycare that was educational and offered structured play. Again, with the Legacy Academy franchise I chose, I found what I was looking for.

Legacy Academy has a trademarked curriculum that was developed by a team of child development and childcare experts and copyrighted for the exclusive use of Legacy Academy. The curriculum varies in scope and covers math, science and social studies for each age group. Every lesson is specifically designed to meet all developmental levels and address several learning styles. Music and literature enrichment also play a key role in the curriculum, as well as, hands-on learning.

Since my daughter has been attending the Legacy Academy franchise in my area, I’ve seen her vocabulary expand and I am watching her become more social. It’s been an incredible experience watching her develop new skills and gain confidence in herself. She’s excited to go to school each day, which makes me very happy.

The schedule works out perfectly, allowing me to work and know my child is being taken care of and is in an environment where she is able to learn. As a single parent, it can be really difficult to balance work and family life. I work from home, and it’s difficult to be able to focus on work. She’s too young to understand that I need to focus, so it’s a constant struggle giving her and work the attention they both deserve. Legacy Academy has been what I needed to truly add balance to my life. I’m now able to give 100% at work, and when I pick her up, I can give her the love and attention she needs from me without being distracted or stressed out over work not getting done. I cannot say enough good things about the Legacy Academy franchise I chose. I 100% recommend them and my only regret is I didn’t decide to give them a try sooner.

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