How to Leave the Apartment Sparkling After Tenancy


Impress your landlord with a sparkling apartment at the end of your tenancy. Being a good renter can get you a landlord recommendation for your future lease, but putting extra effort to leave your old apartment in good condition can get you a glowing reference letter. This can be helpful in negotiating rent with your future landlord. If you are all set to impress your landlord, then here are some ideas on how to leave the apartment sparkling after tenancy.

How to Leave the Apartment Sparkling After Tenancy

Give your apartment a regular spruce up.

Cleaning your apartment regularly is essential in its upkeep and maintenance. Aside from daily dusting, wiping, and sweeping, you can give it a thorough clean once a month to make your end of lease cleaning more manageable.

Seek help if you have to.

If you have a roommate or people living with you in the apartment, then you can enlist their help to keep the place sparkling all the time. However, some cleaning tasks are best left in the hands of the professionals. For instance, stubborn carpet stains may require the services of carpet cleaners. Expert services may also be required in cleaning range hoods and HVAC systems. The same goes for cleaning dangerous or accident prone areas like high ceilings or windows.

Always remove the clutter.

Clutter isn’t just unsightly they can also get in the way of your cleaning tasks. You can enforce a clean as you go policy in your apartment to keep it clutter free. A well organized storage can also help you remove clutter and prevent it from accumulating.

Get your cleaning essentials right.

Most tasks are easier to do when you have the right tools with you. Choosing the right cleansers and appliances can help you get the job done better and faster. Ideally, you can use homemade or organic cleansers for your cleaning needs. However, there are also instances wherein chemical or commercial cleansers provide a better option.

Identify areas that need extra attention.

Some areas around the apartment require more attention than others. The kitchen and the bathroom for instance are more prone to dirt build up compared to other areas in the apartment.

Remember your professional option.

If all else fails, there are always professional end of lease cleaning services that can help you leave the apartment sparkling after tenancy. They can cover every inch of your apartment and spot areas that you’ve never thought existed before. For some tenants, professional cleaners are their first option for end of lease cleaning.

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