Learning Resources Farmers Market Color Sorting Set Review


The Farmers Market Color Sorting Set from Learning Resources is a 30 piece set of 25 multi-colored foods with five distinct buckets.

The purpose of the set is simple – let your children learn all about new fruit and vegetables while learning their colors.

Children learn not only about healthy fruit and vegetables, but color names and how to sort by color. Included in the pack is an activity book with 9 suggested activities, so there is always a way to adapt play with fun new games.

Features of the Learning Resources Farmers Market Color Sorting Set

  • Ages 3 – 6 years
  • 30 piece set
  • 5 baskets
  • 25 foods
  • Stickers for labeling baskets
  • Activity book


Is the Learning Resources Farmers Market Color Sorting Set Worth Buying?

When you first open the Farmers Market Color Sorting Set you'll notice just how vibrant and colorful the pieces are. Made from plastic, the fruit and veg pieces are of good quality and will stand up to the kids play for years to come.  The buckets are made of much stronger material, and give children a good contrast of the hard wooden bucket and the soft fruit.

What is most pleasing about this toy is not only that it teaches children about colors, but that it does so by teaching them of new fruits and vegetables.  Apples, bananas and carrots might not need any introduction, but what about plums, apricots or pumpkins?  Getting children interested in healthy food choices sometimes seems like a challenge but with the Farmers Market Color Sorting Set they'll be introduced in a fun and playful manner.

Is there anything that could be improved upon? Perhaps.

The set includes a green, yellow and orange pepper.  Not a huge issue but I feel one of the pieces could have been used to add a different piece to the collection.  When sorting it would be nice if the bottom of the buckets color matched the color label but with an easy fix of adding a piece of paper to the bottom of the bucket this is no longer an issue.

All things considered, the Learning Resources Farmers Market Color Sorting Set is a fun addition to play time. It encourages experimentation with food, teaches children about new healthy fruits and vegetables as well as colors.  Playing with your food has never been this much fun!

Do your kids like playing supermarket or farmer's market at home?


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