Learning and Growing: How to Nurture Self-Confidence in Your Teenage Children


Parenting is a difficult job. You want to help your children develop self-confidence, but you’re not sure how to go about it. Chances are you’ve tried complimenting them and generally being positive. However, it’s important to realize that confidence develops as your kids develop a slew of skill sets instead of focusing on just one thing. Here’s a look at four skills you can help your child develop that will lead to him/her having more self-confidence.

1. Let Them Scrape Their Knees

Life isn’t fair, and Parents.com cautions parents against stepping in when their kids’ feelings get hurt. Doing so could potentially rob them of some valuable life lessons, including how to deal with sadness and disappointment. It also prevents them from developing the coping skills they need to develop confidence in the future. The ability to handle problems actually boosts self-esteem.

2. Self-Image Issues

Unfortunately, how your child looks plays a big role in his or her development. More specifically, if your child feels badly about how he/she looks, the child’s confidence will take a hit. During this crucial time, it’s important that you support your kids’ efforts to take care of themselves.

For example, say your child has a problematic smile. His/her teeth might be crowded or developing cavities. Professionals from Pedodontic Associates Inc. or a similar clinic in your particular locale can help your child develop some healthy habits that keep smiles bright.

They can also diagnose upcoming issues like orthodontia concerns or cavities that may mar an otherwise lovely smile. An attractive smile plays an important role in your child’s self-esteem, so it’s good for your child to learn how to take care of it.

3. What Are They Good At?

Encouraging your kids to pursue activities that they’re good at helps them develop self-confidence. Maybe they’re good at sports or drawing or even computers. Supporting these activities does more than just give them self-respect in the moment.

If your kids get really good at them, their skills may just pay for their college tuition or even become a career once they grow up. Along the way, they’ll master an important subject, which in turn helps them to develop self-esteem.

4. Future Plans

Talking with your kids about their future plans is not only fun, but rewarding. They get to try on different careers for size, plan trips, or make important decisions about college and beyond. By talking about their future and helping them plan it, you are instilling good decision-making skills in them. You’re also training them to develop confidence in their own judgment, a skill they’ll need as they move through adulthood.

Helping your kids developing confidence is a lifelong activity. Your efforts to this end can include teaching them how to make good decisions, allowing them to make mistakes, and even discussing the future with them. Ultimately, anything your child learns to do well and eventually to master will give him/her unshakeable confidence. This skill, above many others, ensures that your child is prepared to face whatever life has in store in adulthood.


  1. I struggled a lot when with my self-esteem when I was a teenager. I do not want that to happen to my son, so thank you so much for sharing these points! Will keep them all in my mind.

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