LeapTV Review


If your child loves games then read our review of this new console that will encourage them to keep active!

LeapTV was designed specifically to keep your kids moving while they play while sneaking in some intelligent learning lessons at the same time. Dozens of educator-approved Leapfrog cartridges and games can be used with the system, so let's power it up and see exactly what you can expect.

Key Elements of the LeapTV

  • 16 GB of memory
  • 3 separate activity modes
  • Designed for children 3 to 8 years of age
  • Teaches science, problem solving, mathematics and reading
  • Dozens of compatible cartridges, applications and games available

Why the LeapTV Makes a Smart Purchase

LeapFrog LeapTV provides hours of fun interactive playing that is learning centered keeping the kids active and alert for hours of fun!

Just like traditional video game systems, a console connects to your television.  There are more than 100+ games, cartridges and downloads which have been approved by educators to boost your child's development in areas like fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

The console includes:

  • a motion tracking camera,
  • one transforming controller,
  • HDMI cable,
  • 16 GB of built-in memory,
  • AC power adapter,
  • Wi-Fi/ethernet port and
  • Pet Play World game, allowing children to customize and create their own pets and environments


There are 3 different ways to play. The intelligent motion tracking camera and console allows your child to control game outcomes through either body motion, classic controller input or by pointing. And as your child progresses through the special learning centered games, the curriculum and difficulty automatically adjusts.  LeapTV has thought of everything including your kids getting discouraged, there is a built in hint button on every game as well as tutorials ensuring they know what to do and when to do it!

LeapTV makes a smart purchase with a budget friendly price tag if you are shopping for a video gaming system that teaches fun and learning in an active atmosphere.

Surprise the kids this holiday season with their own LeapFrog LeapTV!

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