Laser Pegs – The Ultimate Construction Toy


Great Christmas gifts for boys AND girls!

You'll want to get your hands on the latest craze!  Have you heard of Laser Pegs?

They are the first construction toy set in the world in which each piece feeds the next piece low voltage current!  Crazy right!  They're taking two of the things kids love – lights and building and turning it into endless fun.

Tinted Laser Pegs


Laser Pegs – The Ultimate Construction Toy

A little about the Laser Pegs kits:

Each kit comes with a range of models to assemble out of Laser Pegs and clear or colorful construction pieces. All the parts are easy to rearrange and swap so that anyone can build their own light up creation!  The new tinted pieces give the kits a whole new look that all kids love.  The part I like is how each kit has multiple ways it can be built.  Take the Tinted Dragon kit featured above that has 57 models in 1!  Now that's a lot of fun and building in one box.

How do they work?

Once connected to a power base, each Laser Pegs® shape feeds the next to illuminate an enclosed LED so that these incredible structures light up as you build. These parts are modular and open-ended, and they can all be used with one another.  Laser Pegs work with batteries or via AC adapter. Laser Pegs are also compatible with other leading construction set brands!

A few of the other items in the shop that might catch your eye:

  • National Geographic – Oceans, Animals, Dinosaurs, Space and Landmarks & Archeology
  • Major League Baseball – 3 different kits to choose from that create 24, 12 or 6 models in 1
  • Zippy Do – Planes, Dragster, Tractor and Zippy Do
  • Power Block – Truck, Bulldozeer, Sports Car


There are a lot of other kits to choose from including educational blocks and games.  If you want a  fun way to teach reading, writing and arithmetic look no further.  Laser Pegs Educational Blocks include:

  • 12 Word Blocks
  • 12 Letter Blocks
  • 12 Number Blocks
  • 3D Lite Board®
  • 39 Learning Games


Each block contains an LED that illuminates when connected to the 3D Lite Board. Combine and stack the blocks any way you can to make different words, sentences and equations.  The kids will love building and learning at the same time.

Order your Laser Pegs so they arrive by Christmas!  You'll have some surprised and happy kids!

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