Do You Know Your Mastiff From Your Shih Tzu?


A dog might seem like it’s just a dog, but in reality, they’re quite a mixed bunch. Different dogs have different personalities, so the breed you buy is an important consideration, especially if you’re parent. Here are common dog breeds you might consider, along with their typical personalities.

Breed #1: Boxers

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Boxer dogs might look rough, but in reality, they’re actually very laid back and sociable, especially when people are around. Boxer owners usually run into trouble when they leave their dogs unattended for long periods of time because of their desire to always feel as if they are a part of a pack. Generally, boxers and friendly and engage in playful interactions with kids. They’re great at making you feel happy.

Breed #2: Mastiff

Mastiffs are giants in the world of dogs, but that doesn’t mean that they’re rough. In fact, Mastiffs are among the most gentle-natured dogs out there and instantly make strong bonds with children. Because they are powerful yet lovable, mastiffs are among the most popular family dog breeds.

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For parents who are concerned about security, mastiffs provide a formidable deterrent to intruders who might break into your home. Mastiffs have been known to chase intruders away and sound the alarm if somebody you don’t know tries to enter your premises.

Breed #3: Old English Sheepdog

English Sheepdogs take quite a lot of love and attention, mainly because of their unusually long fur coat. Old sheepdogs are widely described as being athletic, despite their appearance, as well as full of energy.

Breed #4: Shih Tzu

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Parents tend to shy away from toy breeds of dogs, mainly because they expect them to be yappy and difficult to manage. But the Shih Tzu is an exception to this rule, with many dogs from this breed being surprisingly playful. Finding Shih Tzu puppies for your family is actually quite easy, thanks to the wide number of breeders out there. The best way to win over Shih Tzus is to reward them with praise and food when they behave themselves. They don’t need as much outdoor exercise as many larger breeds, which makes them an excellent choice for busy parents.

Breed #5: Labrador

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Labradors happen to be one of the easiest dogs in the world to please and always want to play, no matter what mood you’re in. They’re also keen on the outdoors and will regularly frolic in mud and in rivers if given half the chance. Taking a labrador for a walk is always good exercise, so the breed is a great option for parents who want to keep their kids healthy and athletic.

Breed #6: Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire TerrierCleoWikimedia Commons

Staffordshire terriers are widely considered to be among the most loyal of all dogs. They desperately want to be a part of the family and will work hard to earn your love. Staffordshire Terriers were the most popular family dog at the turn of the 20th century and were put on posters during the First World War.


The only question left is: which breed will your family choose?

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  1. Debbie White Beattie on

    I know about Shih Tzu’s because I have my second one right now. For some reason I seem to have million dogs, with different health problems that require medication and doctors appointments. But no matter what I wouldn’t give them up for anything !!!!!!!

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