You Are Your Kid’s Most Influential Teacher


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Children who have parents that have an active involvement in their school life tend to better – sometimes much better – than those who don’t. They tend to want to go to school that little bit more, and that is because you – the parents – are the biggest influences in your kid’s life. In fact, research has shown that what the family does is by far the most important variable when it comes to a kid’s education.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can take a more active role in their learning, their schooling, and their desire, and here are just some of those ways:

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Meet The Teachers

There is no better way of taking an interest in your kid’s schooling than to make an impression on the teacher than to put a face to the name and let that teacher know that you want to help your teacher learn. This will give the teacher a new level of trust and respect and enthusiasm in you and your kid. Ask them what you can do to help from your end and offer them some tips on what your child really engages with, things that will help grow the teacher/student bond.

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Home Improvements

The environment in which your kid learns at home is as – if not more – important than any. The first thing you should do is establish a structure in their lives, some routine, so that they get into the habit of doing homework, going to bed on time, having breakfast, drinking water first thing in the morning. All of these things help hugely. The next thing to do is make sure they have everything they need on this front. Put a desk and adjustable chair in their room, if they aren’t sleeping well then learn about Sealy beds, teach them the importance of healthy breakfasts, have a comfortable chair from which they can revise. Their home environment is crucial to their learning.

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Extra Tuition Tools

None of us are perfect. Some of us are great at math but terrible at grammar, or wicked musical but not great at sport, or a natural when it comes to languages but god awful when it comes to the sciences. The important thing is to not wrongly measure someone’s genius. After all, you can’t judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree. What you can do, though, is give them a better chance at bettering their weak areas by getting them extra tuition, which is where taking an interest comes in. If you don’t know they are struggling then you can’t help, so make sure you are in the know.

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Active Not Passive

We are all better at learning when we are active. Just being sat there and reading through book after book is not a great way to learn, nor is being read fact after fact. Instead, you should make sure their learning experience is as active as possible. So find educational videos on YouTube, find interactive experiences like museums, and make their learning relatable to real life experience. For example, if they are struggling to engage with math, then next time you are eating out have them work out what the tip should be. Little things can make a big difference.

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