Kidecals – Label It Don’t Lose It – Review


School is almost back in session and you know what that means time to buy supplies, clothes, and a new backpack.  Oh and don't forget to label EVERYTHING just in case something mysteriously goes missing.  Or at leas that is the case for me with Cheyenne going into the 2nd grade.   We are asked to label anything the kids might bring to school in the unlikely event it goes missing so it can be easily identified, we've never had an issue but we've also labelled everything.  This year I wanted to save time and create something cute for her to label her new belongings.  With the help of Kidecals this was easily possible!

Kidecals ~ Label It Don't Lose It ~ Review

I had the opportunity to review an everyday set customized for Cheyenne.  We had a blast picking out the design and getting it just right so she would want to use it on everything she has.  So far she's used it to label her rocks, some toys, and a few other things in her room because we haven't started back to school shopping yet which we should soon.

The labels are waterproof which makes it super easy for washing and great for durability.  They are made of durable self-adhesive vinyl with eco sol inks.  Kidecals does there best to make their products affordable using the greenest materials and processes available while keeping it local!

TIP: on clothing either apply the labels to the tags or to the thickest part (waistband, collar, etc). This ensures that not too much water comes in contact with the adhesive.

Kidecals offers a superior product to what I've seen available on the market. It is hard to find a company nowadays that keeps things local, green and affordable.


Kidecals gets a 5/5 from this Real Momma!


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