Keeping Track of All Your Credit Cards Too Much of a Hassle? Pick up a Checkbook Today


Keeping track of all your credit cards too much of a hassle Pick up a checkbook today

Thanks to the various options that we have at our disposal, we never have to walk around penniless but we also don’t have to carry our entire life’s savings with us either. If you’re an adult with responsibilities and dues to your state, you probably own a credit card. If you have no responsibilities whatsoever, you probably still own a credit card. These little plastic cards with magnetic stripes have been the saving grace of society when it comes to transporting and using your money in an easy and safe fashion. However, it can get quite stressful to have to manage multiple credit cards at a time. For those that find it too much of a hassle to deal with credit cards anymore, I propose getting acquainted with a checkbook but also a check ledger. Before you freak out , hear me out. Checkbooks have fallen out of grace for a long time now and there aren’t nearly as many people using them as there once were. However that doesn’t change the fact that checkbooks can be used today for amazing advantages. Before we get into what those advantages are, let it be clear that they don’t make it any harder to carry money around. Just as you can put your credit cards in your wallet you can get a nice checkbook holder from and seamlessly transport it.


Checkbooks give you the advantage of being able to get money from your account no matter where you are, as long as there’s a business you can cash out from. You just need an ID to verify your identity and you’re good to go. Credit cards are only useful if there are ATMs nearby, so this is clearly a win for the checkbook since it lets you take out cash without walking ridiculous distances to find an ATM.


Are you always freaking out about security? Checkbooks might definitely be what you need. With credit or debit cards, there has been this pressure lifted from users since you don’t carry your physical money around. You can just walk out the front door with nothing but your credit card in your pocket and you’d have all your money with you. That being said, credit cards have their information on them, meaning that whoever would steal it could use it right away. Just because they don’t know exactly how much you’ve saved up on the card doesn’t mean that they won’t try to find out by buying everything they see.

Checkbooks can be stolen just as easily but the thieves won’t be getting anything other than a piece of paper and maybe a big frustrated frown.

Management perks

Witch a check ledger you can always know exactly how much money you’ve paid to people and organizations, down to the last penny. Information from online banking services might get erased after a certain time so you can only see your transactions up until a specific date you can’t go back in time past. This can be inconvenient and in some situations downright crippling. Being able to have full control over your payments and account logistics is crucial.

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