Keeping you Germ Free – Fresh Guard™ by Efferdent


When it comes to mouth guards, retainers and removable braces whether you use them for night or sports all I can think of is saliva, germs and who knows what else. Keeping your mouthpiece clean and germ free is a priority I think we should all have. Luckily Fresh Guard™ has made it simple for all of us, I can't tell you how excited I was to receive my starter package in the mail.

The new Fresh Guard™ lineup delivers a refreshing complete clean by:

  • Preventing build up of mouth film
  • Removes odor causing bacteria
  • Reduces yellowing and helps remove stains

So you not only have a clean mouth guard, retainer or removable braces but also a clean feel, look and smell! The simplicity of the Fresh Guard™ products is what I like the most they've designed a system to help you keep clean on the go or a 5 minute deep clean with these two products:

  • Fresh Guard™ by Efferdent Soak – an easy 5 minute deep clean
  • Fresh Guard™ by Efferdent Wipes – convenient on-the-go cleaning no water needed

What makes Fresh Guard™ so special?

Currently there is no other product on the market designed to clean the unique material of removable dental pieces. Fresh Guard™ has brought a revolutionary product to the market that not only cleans but also kills bacteria, helps remove stains and is a simple process.

Keeping you Germ Free – Fresh Guard™ by Efferdent

I used the Fresh Guard™ products on my night guard and was pleasantly surprised at how clean and refreshed my mouth was after. If you wear a mouth guard you might be like me and wake up drooling with you pillow soaked and start thinking of all the germs that might be festering inside your mouth guard, gross I know but I really can't help it. You can keep the wipes right by the bed to give your mouth piece a quick wipe with the alcohol free wipes and pop it back in knowing that the germs have been wiped away. In the morning I liked popping my night guard in the soak while I did my normal routine and then placed it back into the container to use again that night. To my surprise the mouth guard was still fresh tasting when I used it again that night.

I highly recommend the Fresh Guard™ products, especially if you're a germaphobic like I am with my night guard.

Fresh Guard™ is specially formulated to clean mouth guards, retainers, and clear braces. Fresh Guard™ Soak kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria in just 5 minutes while Fresh Guard™  Wipes offer a convenient on-the-go cleaning solution with no water needed.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fresh Guard™. I received promotional items and Fresh Guard™ products in exchange for my participation. The opinions and text are mine.


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