Keep Your Feline Feeling Fine with These Top Grooming Tips


Cats are curious, mischievous creatures. They like to fit in places they shouldn’t, sit in the dirtiest of crevice in the garden, and enjoy chasing a bird or two. They prowl the house (and neighborhood) like it’s their own kingdom – that is, until a bigger cat comes along – and your cat will have gotten into a lot of trouble. That dirty smudge or feather that they are wearing reveals their double life, however, sometimes they manage to keep their activity on the quiet. This is why you need to keep your little fur ball clean, well-groomed and in perfect shape.

Keep Your Feline Feeling Fine with These Top Grooming Tips

Keep Them Defleaed

Keeping your cat’s fleas at bay can seem like an endless mission. It is, however, detrimental to the health and well-being of your feline to ignore their fleas. For the best flea treatment for cats, look for flea drops, and flea and tick shampoo. Make sure you apply the flea treatment regularly, especially if your cat is prone to a flare up.

Brush Them Well

Regular brushing sessions are crucial to keeping your cat’s fur in good condition. Although cats groom themselves, and they are quite clean animals, you still need to keep on top of their hygiene. This is especially true for an elderly cat or a kitten, who may be unable to reach certain places. You should purchase a metal comb and a rubber brush. Your cat will fidget while you’re grooming them, so you may need an extra pair of hands to stop them from squirming. Make sure to be extra gentle when brushing their chest and belly – cats are prone to grabbing your hand if you touch this sensitive area.

Nail Clipping

Your cat’s paws are another sensitive part of their body. Therefore, before you start clipping their nails, get them used to you touching their feet. Cats are big on trust, and so you need to build the foundations before you grab and start clipping. To build this trust, touch their feet a few weeks in advance. Apply gentle pressure on and around the feet, and touch the pad underneath. Give them a treat every time they react well. When cutting their nails, buy sharp nail clippers designed for cats; take care to avoid cutting their nails too far back, as they have a vein running into the nail. The vein is pink and can be seen through the nail.

Healthy Diet

Unlike humans, cats don’t have the temptation of McDonalds and candy bars, but it is still important to keep your cat slender and in good shape. You can feed your cat treats, but in moderation, and you should refrain from feeding your cat human food unless it’s recommended by vets. Surprisingly, cats can eat whole grains such as oats, vegetables, eggs and cheese. They cannot eat toxic foods such as chocolate, grapes, onions and garlic, macadamia nuts and bread. For the best results though, you should have them eat dry and wet food, with the occasional treat.

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