Keep in Mind Blood Functions to Stay Protected Against Disease


Keep in Mind Blood Functions to Stay Protected Against Disease

Functions of the blood can be described in more than one way in different levels of detail as biology courses are encompassing at least the amount of information needed in order for people to make sure what crucial role does it serve to our systems.

There are a lot of functions which are owned by the circulatory system as they fill out crucial roles to make sure that our bodies function within optimal parameters. Platelet and thrombocyte are the most important cells in our blood as they bind together when they encounter vessels which seem to be damaged. Such platelets are the main reason one heals quickly after cutting their skin. After they have pinpointed the damaged blood vessel they bind together in order to cause a blood clot in order to stop our bleeding.

Best Weapon of Our Immune System

One of the main elements of our blood are the white blood cells which are referred as leucocytes which perform paramount immune functions and what they basically do is protect our bodies by detecting potential threats such as disease and viruses by forming blood clots wherever one has been cut in order to fend off possible bacteria as well as stop the bleeding.

Blood also fulfills the role of producing proteins in order to act as antibodies to fend off potential threats including the likes of viruses which would otherwise roam freely and spread to other parts of our body. Potential harmful cells are quickly disposed of in order for us to stay safe and sound. Such cells are recognized and labeled as intruders and it is easier for white blood cells to attack and dispose of them in a timely manner before them spreading around our bodies.

Regulates Respiratory Functions

Blood is the main reason we are able to breathe as it transports oxygen from our lungs to other areas of our body and at the same time removes carbon dioxide from our cells in order to make sure we are properly oxygenated.

One of the main reasons why we are able to breathe is due to blood as important organs and cells are continuously supplied with oxygen flowing into our bloodstream from the moment we are born until the day we die. This function of the blood is perhaps one of its most important ones and people should take into account that there are a huge number of threats which might hamper with the process in such a way that we would not be able to oxygenate our cells properly and they will start decaying, thus making us being prone to disease and potential lethal conditions.


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