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With a product like soap that is going to be put on our skin it is important to consider the ingredients.  When it comes to soap you have two options synthetic or natural.  I believe that a product we are going to be lathering on our bodies should nourish, replenish and moisturize our bodies not just act like it because of fillers.  A natural soap formula is easier to find then you think that's why I wanted to introduce KD Gold!

KD Gold - Natural Soap Formulas

KD Gold – Natural Soap Formulas

Natural Soap Formulas are an all natural industrial grade multi-purpose liquid soap that allows you to safely clean without all the harsh chemicals.  KD Gold RTU is a Ready To Use formula that is safe enough to be used to bathe a baby and strong enough to clean up disasters oil spills!  Just image how many daily chemicals you can cut out of your families life by using a natural product like KD Gold.

Little known fact

KDGold™ is an excellent deterrent for mosquito abatement. However, the government, EPA in particular, does not allow us to tell you that it kills mosquitoes because it does not contain a registered pesticide, actually, no pesticide at all.

Why exactly is it an effective deterrent for mosquitos?  Soap is a natural surfactant. Surfactants make water wetter. The significance?  You can find out more on this KTU article!

Back to why this natural soap formula is so effective.  KD Gold All Purpose Cleaner has the power to fight the toughest grease, the slimiest grime, and the dirtiest dirt. The secret behind its power, are super charged colloidal micelles that are able to stand up to your toughest jobs around the house, office, or garage. It’s 100% natural, derived from seed bearing plants, biodegradable, and non-toxic, which means no more breathing harsh chemicals. Spray and wipe clean, KD Gold All Purpose Cleaner is safe to use on any washable surface. Feel good you are using a product that is not only baby safe, but earth friendly too!

A product that stood out to me is the KD Gold RTU Fruit and Veggie Wash it is 100% non-toxic, plant-based formula safely and effectively removes:

  • Toxic pesticides and chemical residues
  • Pathogens
  • Waxes
  • Dirt
  • Handling Oils
  • Bacteria and surface contaminants (found on both conventionally and organically grown produce)

Once you start researching the natural soap formulas you'll be amazed and want to order them all!  I know that I was impressed with all the information KD Gold has on all of their products and how they are all safe and effective natural alternatives to the usual harsh chemicals I use.

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