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I had to share a fun new site I stumbled upon, Katie & The Kids!  It is a lifestyle and parenting blog where she shares a peek into her life balancing her love for social media, staying at home with her kids and a job.  I know how hard that can be.

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A peek at what she says about the blog:

I’m 31, a mum of two and a wife of one. In my work life I am a Virtual PA, combining my love of social media, organisation & being around for my kids. I know I’m lucky to have a position where I can manage all things together, but it’s taken me a while to get here. (I used to believe it was all about luck, now I just believe in working hard & making my own luck)

In my spare (ha!) time I like photography, shopping, art, glossy mags and anything to do with fashion & drinking.

I’m fussy, bossy and organised, I get bored easily (just ask the hubs how many times I’ve decorated our living room)  – and then look at my Blog Style, changing my header regularly keeps me happy.

I love my family & friends and could easily lose a whole week just sitting, talking and drinking gin & tonic (did I say I like drinking?) I like trashy telly, chick flicks and girlie books (yes I loved 50 Shades & no, I’m not ashamed to admit it).

I’m not afraid to speak my mind, and it sometimes gets me in trouble. My kids are just as crazy as me, if not more so.

I have ombre hair & I like it.

This is me.

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