Important Signs You Need a New Set of Hollowfibre Pillows


So when exactly was the last time you bought your hollowfibre pillows? Your pillows are what's in direct contact to your skin throughout the night, so you want them to be as clean as possible.
Like everyone else, you're going to spend almost half of your life in bed, so you should expect your pillows to accumulate dead skin, dirt, body oils, and even dust mites over time. Continuously using your old and dirty polyester pillows will put you at risk of suffering from asthma and allergies.
You should also know that the materials used in your hollow fibre pillow as fillings will break down eventually. It's important, therefore, that you regularly replace your pillows. The problem for many of us, though, is that they have no idea when to let go of their old pillows!
Important Signs You Need a New Set of Hollowfibre Pillows
If you're not sure how many years you've had your polyester pillow already, use these tips to know if it needs to be replaced already.
1. Fold it in half.
If you have a non-foam pillow, like a hollow fibre pillow or a Latex pillow, try to fold it in half. Your pillow has to spring back to its original flat form. If your pillow does not spring back and it remains folded, it's clear that you need a new pillow.
2. Check if there are lumps and bumps.
A pillow that has bumps and lumps must certainly be replaced right away. These actually indicate that the filling used in the pillow is deteriorating. Not only are these pillows uncomfortable to use, they may also cause you discomfort in your neck and head area.
3. Take the pillowcase out.
To know exactly how your hollow fibre pillows look, you should take off the pillowcases. If you see moulds and stains on the pillow inserts, it's clear that you need to replace them.
4. Know your pillow's expiry date.
Not many of us are aware that pillows also have expiration. Many manufacturers of pillows and other sleep products indicate in their products the length of time they can be used. This should help users know when they should replace their pillows.
5. Take into consideration the type of pillow you're using.
Different pillow types have varying lifespans. Hollow fibre pillows, for example, can be used between 6 months and 2 years. On the other hand, memory foam pillows usually last longer and can be used up to 7 years. You need to know what type of pillows you are using so that you can know when you should get new ones.
In case you can't remember anymore when you actually bought your hollow fibre pillows, it's likely that it's been a long time already. Always bear in mind that your pillows are subject to dead skin, oils, sweat, and dust mites, so it's always good to habitually replace them with new ones.

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