I’m Going Back to Vegas!



As many of you have probably read the affiliate summit post I wrote a few weeks back after getting my pass to attend I am in FULL planning stage on heading back to Vegas.  It is always nice to be on vacation but really it is our second home so we have the chance to just reflect and enjoy life!

If you've read my old post on 5 family travel tips and tricks you'd know that we love to do local stuff and find the hidden gems when we travel.  I do have to admit we go to Vegas a lot so we are really locals for the most part but we are finding new things to do every trip.

This time I am most worried about packing considering I have a conference to attend for 3 days, an “amazing race” challenge with Frank on Sunday, and fun with the family.  Luckily we can do a lot of our pre-shopping online for stuff that we'll need ahead of time and surprisingly you can even busy groceries online and have them delivered!    I've also ordered some fun masquerade items – you can see my masquerade post to find out more.  I also have a few surprises in store and some fun blog posts coming on the weekend LIVE from the summit!

The kids will be with their grandparents and Frank will be joining me for most of the summit.  We are staying on the strip for a few nights which will be a nice break from reality for a few days!!  It is easy to forget about the relationship between the parents when you are so busy raising the kids and sometimes you just need a break!  Trust me I know!  It is an easy way to recharge your batteries and get some rest as well as reconnect with your partner.  Speaking of which, you should check out Frank's new blog – Dad Diaries!  He's in the start-up stage but he has a lot planned and I'm sure you'll be happy to help him on his journey.  Frank is on Twitter too, @aktndr, make sure you say hi!

I guess I had better get back to being a Mom and finish cleaning the house!  Lots to do before we leave on Friday.


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