I Lost A Day Thanks To Mommy Brain


I'm not sure how close you follow me on social media or even on the blog but you might of noticed that I had my Sunday Social up a day early, yes I thought TODAY (Saturday) was actually Sunday.  I lost a whole day and I have to blame it on Mommy brain.

I honestly don't know where my day's went.  I was busy getting ready for my husband to leave on his NASCAR trip to Las Vegas as that would leave me solo with the kids for 5 days.  I guess between the hussel and bussle I lost a day, either that or I can blame it on the fact that my daughter was home sick on Friday.  Either way I say thank to Mommy brain, this time I actually gained a whole day!!  Celebration time, come on – well at least for me it is.  I seriously couldn't care less about time change right now.

You might ask Mommy Brain, really?!  And to that I say YES!!  I obviously couldn't have just forgot about an entire day otherwise.  Well, there is blackouts from drinking but I have never lost an entire day and my heavy drinking days are LONG gone.

I am lucky though as I finished my cooking for the next month and have all our meals in the freezer so that means March is going to be full of FUN!!  I'm not going to lie we usually have fun but then our meals consist of going out or ordering in.  I was pleasantly surprised that my entire grocery bill for the month was under $200!!  Yeah me!  But more of that to come later when I share about my cooking experience .

For now I'm off to enjoy my Saturday night with the kidlets and maybe enjoy a glass or bottle 😉 of wine to celebrate my extra day and month of cooking complete!

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  1. 😀 Sounds like you’re so proactive you simply moved a day before the rest of the world!
    Try chemo brain some time. Like mommy brain but on steroids
    Cheers mate
    PS if you find time somewhere? I misplaced it.

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