How To Modernize Your Home On A Tight Budget


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Whether you’re looking to change the look of your home because it’s been a while since it’s had an update, or if you’re looking to add value to the property for when you come to sell it, then you may be worried that the cost of renovations in order to add a modern look is simply out of reach financially, but many things can actually be done to a home to modernize and update your home even if you’re working with a tight budget.

In this post, we’ve listed out just some of the ways that you can use to really make a big difference to your home with a small or limited budget.

Install a new front door:

Although it’s not something you think will make a big difference to how your house looks – probably because you’re not really looking at it from the inside or paying it much attention, but your front door is the entrance to your house and is the first thing you and others see when you come in.

If your front door is old or shabby looking, then simply by adding a new one can already give your home a more modern look and will make a difference to, not only how you feel about it, but create a better first impression for those coming to visit or potentially coming to look at the house if they’re interested in buying it.

Upgrade your windows:

Windows are quite a main feature in any house, so it makes sense that if they’re not in the best shape, then it could easily make an impact on the overall look and feel of the place. Upgrading your windows doesn’t necessarily mean installing whole new ones, because there may actually be in good shape from a functional and practical standpoint.

Often windows can really be made to look like new simply by adding a few coats of gloss around them and ensuring these are kept clean on a regular basis. You’ll really be amazed at the difference this small act can have on your house overall.

Add panel curtains:

If you’re revamping your windows, then curtains are something that can really make a lot of difference here. If it’s a modern and minimalist look you’re going for, then simple panel curtains are a great choice and they can be picked up very affordably in many different places. Panel curtains, just like other styles of curtains are available in all sorts of designs, from neutral and simple, right through to bold and quirky, so no matter what your decor is, you’ll definitely find some panel curtains to suit the look you’re going for.

Cut the clutter:

Clutter has such a bit impact on a home and most people don’t even realize that simply by decluttering the stuff they don’t need or want can actually have rather transformational effects.

Not only does it get annoying to look at, but can actually have an impact on how you feel when you’re in a room as it can really block the flow of energy and even air circulation. The reason that so many modern homes focus on the minimalist look is because the people designing them know how much clutter can negatively affect the look and feel of the place.

Cutting the clutter is not just getting rid of everything in your house, but it’s simply taking an honest look at what you can get rid of, and then making sure you use optimized storage solutions to find a designated place for everything within your home so that things you don’t need on display, but need to keep can be hidden from view.

Put down new flooring:

Flooring is such a big part of a house and just by changing it, you can dramatically change the whole look of your house instantly. Whether you want to lay down new plush carpets, have polished hardwood with a more rustic effect, or you want a more contemporary look with tiles or laminate, there’s no shortage of affordable flooring solutions for you to choose from in many places.

Before you go ahead and start ripping up or installing new flooring in older houses or buildings, then it’s best to seek some professional advice from those who deal with things like insulation solutions to ensure you’re not going to be losing heat through the floor, and even companies like ABC Pest Control who can check for things like infestations of pests or insects before your new flooring goes down as this will help you avoid costly and inconvenient disruptions later on.

Add a lick of paint:

When it comes to modernizing on a budget, there’s really almost nothing better than paint. You can create a fresh and modern look no matter what color scheme you choose, and with plenty of inspiration available online, it’s something you can do quickly and easily if you want to see a big difference in the look of your home.

Get new kitchen and bathroom unit doors:

One area that people commonly overlook when it comes to modernizing their home on a budget is the kitchen and bathroom. The belief is that a full-scale renovation would need to be carried out and everything installed from scratch, but this simply isn’t the case. You can install new doors on the front of the units for a very effective and low cost way to transform the overall look of the rooms.

Get new lighting:

Whether it’s under-unit spot lights for your kitchen and bathroom or even just new standing lamps, the lighting in your home can make such a huge difference, and they’re really one of the most affordable accessories you’ll find for modernizing your home.

Shop around and buy second hand:

Even if you want to buy modern furniture for your home to give it a new look, you can do this pretty cheap by shopping around and looking for second-hand items that are still in great condition. From places like eBay, second hand furniture stores, and even asking around in your community are great ways to find beautiful pieces for a bargain.

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