How to Make New Year’s Greetings More Personal


Ringing in the New Year by sending out greetings to friends and colleagues is a time-honored tradition that’s always in style. Unfortunately, many people rely on trite, generic New Year’s greetings that are quickly forgotten. Here are a few proven tips for making your New Year’s greetings a hit.

Take a Thoughtful Walk Down Memory Lane

Remembering the good times you’ve shared with friends and family is a staple of superior New Year’s greetings. Try to mention specific events and their attendees by name to elicit stronger emotional responses. Take care to avoid bringing up any topics that might trigger negative reactions from family members, friends and co-workers.

Mention Hopes and Dreams for the Future

If you’re taking the time to send a New Year’s greeting to someone, it’s a given that you wish them all the best in the coming months. Offer specific encouragement to recipients based on what you know about their goals. Focus on non-financial aspirations that hold special meaning for each person on your list.

Opt for Old-Fashioned Personalized Cards

Despite rapid advances in telecommunications technology, there’s simply no substitute for a hand-written New Year’s card. Sending out personalized note cards requires a greater level of effort than simply firing off emails. In this day and age, high-quality cards that are personally signed using an old-school fountain pen are a rare treat.

Include a Meaningful Physical Photo

Once upon a time, slipping a glossy photograph inside your New Year’s greeting card was standard practice. While you could email a digital file to recipients, there’s nothing quite like a picture that you can hold in your hands. Online services like Shutterfly and Snapfish can produce physical photos in bulk at low rates.

Upload a Video Greeting to the Web

New media greetings are a great way to augment traditional note cards. You can easily record personalized greetings for every person on your list and upload them to a video hosting site. Include the links to your videos in the physical cards that you mail out. YouTube and Vimeo will allow you to limit access via user-specific passwords.

If you want your New Year’s greetings to stand out, using custom cards is a wise move. At Curio Press, we produce a diverse assortment of cards and envelopes that will set your New Year’s greetings apart. Our lovingly hand-crafted cards are the perfect way to welcome the New Year with style.

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