How to Lose Weight Quickly with Green Tea


Bathing suit season is just around the corner so now is the best time to lose weight fast!  All it takes is a few simple changes and you could be a few pounds lighter.  Some simple changes you can start right now are:

  1. Use skim milk instead of whole milk or cream in your coffee.
  2. Eat low-fat yogurt instead of ice cream.
  3. Eat more bright colored (green, yellow, orange, red) fruits and vegetables.
  4. Eat more lean fish, chicken, or turkey, instead of red meats.
  5. Eat whole wheat or multigrain bread, instead of white bread.
  6. Use a sugar replacement instead of sugar (avoid Aspartame).
  7. When you eat out, avoid fried foods.
  8. Walk or do similar exercises for at least 20 minutes a day.
  9. Drink green tea instead of soft drinks.


How to Lose Weight Quickly with Green Tea

Green tea not only help you lose weight but has a lot of health benefits as well.  It’s loaded with super-antioxidants that will keep you feeling and looking fresher and younger.  TeaNow’s Black Green Tea is revolutionary. It contains the awesome benefits of 5-8 cups of traditionally brewed green tea—in one packet.  You can enjoy it hot or cold, at the office, while relaxing at home, or on the go. It’s the elixir for mental vitality and the youthful exuberance you’ve always wanted.  Learn how to lose weight quickly with TeaNow's Black Green Tea here.

TeaNow’s Black Green Tea is a super weight-loss elixir (NO laxatives) that helps you fall in love with yourself once again while kicking your metabolism into high gear.

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