How To Lose Weight On a Tight Schedule


Following a regular exercise routine and a non-processed food diet allows us to maintain a healthy and prolonged life. But if your schedule is a daily challenge, not having time for additional activities alongside work and other responsibilities, is maintaining a healthy weight still a priority? It should be, even in this fast-forward world, especially because you can learn and tailor some innovative ways to lose weight on a tight schedule.

Going to work, cooking healthful meals and exercising every day will not be the things you don't have time for anymore. You should know though that losing weight with a busy schedule is a long term commitment, specially to those who want to drop more than a few extra pounds. First of all, many jobs are keeping us sedentary or making us order fast food or unhealthy snacks. But we don't need extra time to eat smaller, healthier portions of food or to move more. You can simply reevaluate your time and the strategies to lose weight easier, no matter how many assignments you have per day. Here are some techniques that will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter how busy your schedule is.

Outline a weekly lunch plan
Truth is that you can control your calories better if you plan a week's worth of healthy lunches. Whether it's leftovers or a veggies meal, this technique will avoid the irrational food buying the moment you're hungry. This way, you will avoid eating pizza or fast food and enjoy a low-calories dish. You should avoid fatty food, such as fries, milkshakes, cheeseburgers and other fast foods. You can include healthy snacks when you don't have enough patience until the next meal, like fruits and vegetables. Also, planning ahead and buying the food during weekend will leave you with no excuses for not taking a healthy nutritious lunch.

Find a gym that is close to your home / work office
If getting to the gym requires more time than you have to spare and your excuse is that it interferes with your work schedule, you could go to a gym that is close to your office or home. There are great weight loss retreats in Thailand which takes control of everything for you and basically guarantees you lose weight. If you need to lose weight fast, PhuketFit is recommended.

You could also rent a locker, so that you don't have to carry around your equipment in your bag. Having a partner to exercise with, be it a co-worker or your loved one, might be even better, making all this workout feel like an exciting and fun thing to do, while losing the unwanted extra pounds.

Sleep enough
We're all tempted to sleep less hours, considering the multiple chores we have to solve, especially when we're trying to include regular exercise in our tight schedule. Considering the smaller portions and more exercising program, you will need to charge your batteries and the right amount of sleep hours will help you lose weight.

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