How to Handle the Load When Your Family Washing Machine Fails


The washing machine in the laundry room has been a reliable appliance until now. It was always able to get clothes clean to keep the family prepared for any occasion. However, during the load that was running this morning, it just stopped working halfway through the rinse cycle. This was bad news, because the family is going to need clothes for work and school. This means that creative measures will need to be taken until this problem can be remedied.

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Schedule Trips to a Laundromat

Just because the washing machine is out of commission at the moment, this does not mean the piled-up clothes cannot be cleaned at a local laundromat. While it may be difficult to work it into a busy schedule, most people can find a couple of hours to get the laundry done at the laundromat. Plus, this approach is only temporary until something is done about the family washing machine and things get back to normal.

Keep Everything Sorted

Now that you don’t have a working washing machine and/or dryer on hand, it’s important to keep your laundry sorted for trips to the laundromat or a friendly neighbor’s. Have separate hampers for colors, whites, and delicates so that you don’t have to paw through the laundry when you get there. Make sure that the hampers you use are easy to transport, as well. Cloth mesh hampers are cheap and easy to use, especially in the short-term while you wait to get your own washer back.

Hire Someone to Repair Your Washing Machine

While it may be inconvenient that the washing machine is on the fritz, it could be that this is an easy problem to fix. Sometimes it is best to call a person who does repair work on appliances to come take a look. If it is a simple matter of replacing a part, then the family washing machine could be up and running again soon. Remember, appliance repair is not always an overly expensive option. It really depends on what the problem happens to be preventing the washer from operating as it should. If cost is your greatest concern, try to find a service that will offer an estimate beforehand so that you can weigh the pros and cons of fixing versus buying new.

Purchase a New Washing Machine

When all other avenues have been exhausted, it may be time to purchase a brand-new washing machine. While the thought of making this kind of a purchase may seem like a huge expense, it will actually save money in the long run. After more than 50 trips to the laundromat, where it costs up to $20 per trip, this already breaks the thousand-dollar mark. With that in mind, it would be smarter to buy a lower cost washing machine and return to doing the family’s laundry at home.

Whether the washing machine was repaired or replaced, the good news is that things have returned to normal. It is no longer necessary to wash clothes by hand or make weekly trips to the laundromat. Now everyone is enjoying having all their clothes done whenever they want, and when they are happy, this makes all the difference in the world.


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