How to Furnish Your Kids’ Bedrooms after Moving


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When you move to a new house, you suddenly have new spaces to decorate. If your kids have never had their own special, dedicated space or if they have outgrown their old ones, this could be the time to refurnish their rooms completely. Take their interests, personalities, and needs into account as you do this. These five tips will get you thinking along the right lines and will help you create a room that can grow and develop with your child.

Use Color

Most children love color for personal expression. Get your child’s opinion on favorite colors so that you can incorporate them. Because color preferences may change, try to use the biggest splashes of color in areas where a huge investment is not necessary. For example, you may want to focus on painted walls, small floor rugs, bedding, and pictures.

Make Space for Organization

When you give children a way to be organized, they may just surprise you in how neat and clean they can keep their rooms. Provide a bookshelf for books and a row of cubbyholes with baskets for toys and collections. Also, make sure that they have plenty of room for clothing and stuffed animals depending on their ages.

Get Long-Lasting Basics

You should be spending the largest amount of money on the largest pieces of furniture that will last for many years. For example, choose a quality bed and dresser as well as a well-built, comfortable chair in an appropriate print for your child as they age. Bedroom furniture can be basic as long as it is surrounded by other fun, personality-driven items.

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Add Several Light Sources

Light is important in setting the mood for any room, and by installing several light sources in your child’s room, you will give them plenty of choices in how they set the mood in their room. Consider a light for every main area of the room, such as the bedside, play area, desk area, and reading area.

Make Space for Play

No matter what age your child is, they will need room to play. For younger children, this could be floor space for playing cars or dolls. For older children or teenagers, this could be adequate space for working on their collections or for practicing music.


Be sure to take your child’s tastes into account. When your son or daughter gets to help plan and design the room, you can be assured that they will love it even more. By investing in quality pieces that are sure to last well into adulthood, you will feel as if you are putting your money to good use as you furnish your kids’ rooms.


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