How to Find the Right Mattress For Your Family


When you're shopping for a new mattress, you'll have a lot of factors to consider. Firmness, material, coil type and size are some of the key features you'll need to consider. Many people assume that when it comes to mattress sizes, bigger is better. However, this might not be the case for every member of your household. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect size of mattress for everybody in your household.

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Range of Mattress Sizes

The first step in choosing the right mattress size for each person in your family is knowing what your options are. Manufacturers have standard mattress sizes, so no matter which brand or model you choose, a twin size or queen size mattress will have the same width and length dimensions. The mattress sizes are as follows:

  • Crib: 52 by 28 inches
  • Twin: 75 by 38 inches
  • Twin XL: 80 by 39 inches
  • Full: 74 by 54 inches
  • Queen: 80 by 60 inches
  • King: 80 by 76 inches
  • California king: 84 by 72 inches

A few mattress manufacturers produce some other sizes. Those include short twin, full XL, Olympic queen and California queen. Keep in mind that if you change bed sizes, you may also need a new bed frame.

Choose the Right Size Mattress for Kids

For children, a good rule of thumb is to choose a mattress size based on their age. For a child younger than three years old, a crib mattress is a good option. Children ages three and older typically do well in a twin size bed. Since a mattress should be replaced every five to 10 years, the teenage years are a good time to consider a bigger bed, especially for a child who has reached or nearly reached their adult size. A twin extra-long or full-size mattress would give a growing or grown teenager plenty of space for a comfortable night's sleep.

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Picking the Right Mattress Size for Adults

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing the right mattress size for the adults in your family. Consider whether you or the other adults in your home sleep alone or with a partner. Two adults in the same bed are often more comfortable with a queen, king or California king mattress. This is also true if you have a big dog or a couple of small dogs or cats who sleep in your bed. Sleep style is also important. If you spread out or move around in your sleep, a bigger mattress will be more comfortable.

Compare Features and Options

Once you know which size of mattress to get for each person in your family, it's time to make some comparisons about the features and options. You might want to try some mattresses in person in order to get a feel for what inner springs are like or how a plush top supports your back. You'll need to decide whether to purchase in-store or online. Some other considerations include coil construction and density, foam or gel cushioning layers and hybrid versus traditional construction. Once you've selected the right options for each person, take a look at the retailer's shipping or delivery terms and their window for returns.

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