How to Find Supportive Friends as a Military Wife


Making a new friend as an adult is not as easy as it was when we were kids. And it is even harder if you are a military wife. However, if you put yourself out there, you can make friends at a book club or the cooking class down the street without feeling like the odd new kid in the block. Below are ways you can find supportive and loyal friends as a military wife.

5 Methods to Help Military Moms Make Ends Meet

Join Online Military Spouse Groups

If you just moved into the area, look for on-base and online spousal groups. You can find some of these groups on social media pages such as Facebook. Military wife groups are designed to help military spouses make new friends and find support networks. You can organize to come together for meals and drinks or even on special occasions such as birthdays. You can also look into other subdivisions based on common interests such as book clubs, yoga and jogging groups.

Find a Hobby

Whether you want to continue with your old hobby or find a new one, you should start now. Talk to other military spouses either in person or on the social media group and ask if there is someone with similar interests. If you are good at cooking, you could start a cooking class and teach others. The point is to stay connected to forge lasting friendships.

Join a Religious Community

If you are a religious or spiritual person, find a new community to join. Most military bases are located in lovely cities with churches, temples, and mosques. Wherever you are, you can always find a spiritual organization in the local community.

Join Apps to Meet Friends

In today’s dynamic world of ever-evolving technological inventions, you can meet friends online. Applications such as act as a platform for people with similar interests to talk and strike a friendship. Through the app, you can meet people in your locale who share similar interests such as working out, cooking, language practice, and kayaking.


Volunteering is not only beneficial to the community; it is also an excellent way to meet new people. Research has proven that doing something good for the greater good of the community will improve your mental health and boost your moods. Find new volunteer openings in your base and in the local community. This will also help you learn about the culture of the people and the town.

Living a military life has a unique set of challenges especially for a civilian. Going through military relocation is not an easy journey. However, these tips will help you quickly connect with people and make new friends in your new location.

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