How to Do Spring Home Maintenance as a Family


After a long, cold winter, it’s always a good idea to catch up on some repairs and upkeep. Your spring home maintenance is a great opportunity for the family to work together on a project that benefits everyone. Here are some ideas on how to get the job done as a family.

Involve Everyone in Planning

When one or two people plan all the jobs that will be done, everybody else feels like an employee. Make the family a team! Get input from everybody, youngest to oldest, about what needs to be done. The squeaky screen door that you never use may be a real annoyance to the kids as they go out and play. Get everybody’s ideas and then let them work on their own projects.

Add Some Technical Upgrades

While it’s important to clean and maintain the things that have fallen by the wayside all winter, it’s also good to make some upgrades. Smart technology is a popular addition for many homes these days. Maybe now is the time to install a Wi-Fi thermostat to save on energy costs or a MYQ garage door opener for improved security and convenience. These add-ons can also take some of the drudgery out of home maintenance and get everybody excited about pitching in.

Assign Jobs Logically

Your age and body type play a big part in what jobs you should be doing. The youngest kids can make use of their smaller size to work on floors, sidewalks, and decks. Meanwhile, the teenager who seems to outgrow his pants and shoes every week should make use of that long reach by cleaning gutters and windows. Everybody has a job they can do a little better than everyone else. Make sure you’re making the best use of everyone’s time and abilities.

Celebrate Completion

If you’ve spent the morning pressure-washing the deck, have a cookout on it that night. Play a game of volleyball on the freshly-mowed lawn. In other words, give everyone an immediate reminder of why you’ve been working so hard. That will make the job feel that much more important and create motivation for next year’s spring work day.

When the thermometer finally starts to hit its stride for spring and the landscape is greening up, it’s time to tackle the winter’s buildup of dirt, decay, and decline. Gathering the family to plan and carry out a big day of home maintenance will create a great sense of accomplishment for everybody.

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