How to Buy The Right Pram or Pushchair For Your Child


How to Buy The Right Pram or Pushchair For Your Child

Every parent wants to be sure that their little one is safe when travelling from A to B, so choosing the right pram or pushchair is a big deal. You might be a little daunted when first attempting to choose from the vast selection now available, but it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Spot The Difference

Typically you’ll find that prams are larger in size in comparison to a pushchair, as the baby is held in a basket that allows them to lie down. Prams are commonly used for a shorter time than a pushchair because the infant quickly outgrows the pram. Pushchairs are usually smaller and lightweight, which makes them ideal for folding up and transporting around. However, heavier duty pushchairs are available too if you're looking for something sturdier. Most pushchairs do not recline, which means that they are only suitable once your baby can sit upright.

Forward Thinker

How about being a step ahead of the game? Opt for a multi-purpose pram, which can be converted into a pushchair once you’re little one is able to sit up. These are suited for both baby and toddler, so are a good investment piece that will save you further searches and money in the future. These often include removable car seats, which make your busy life a little easier. Two boxes checked in one go: every Mom’s dream.

Fit For Purpose

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Before you pick the prettiest stroller for your baby, think about where you’ll be using it and what you’ll be using it for. If you’re often out and about in your car, a lightweight pushchair is the perfect option. Easy to fold away, you won’t lose the will to live every time you need to put it away. Choose a telescopic fold pushchair and it should fold up and fit into even the smallest of cars.

Shopping with Baby

Shopping with your baby is another aspect that needs attention, as you’ll need space to store any purchases, so be sure to check out the storage space of the stroller before purchasing. You should also consider the terrain you’ll be using your stroller on. Nobody wants a flat tyre, which may result in tears (not only from your baby!). Choose rubber tyres filled with compressed air if you’re going to be walking on the rougher ground. Watch your step, though, because these can still sustain punctures from sharp items. Hard plastic wheels are another option, suited for everyday use, and are more commonly found on pushchairs.

You’re all set to choose the perfect stroller for your baby & toddler needs. If you need any more advice check out this pram and pushchair buying guide. It should be a walk in the park now after all this help!

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