How Big Families Can Find a Large Home to Expand Within


Having a large family can prove to be a challenge. You may be struggling to find the space that you need for your growing family. Decide what is important to you in a home. Use these tips when looking for a larger home.

Find a Home with Untapped Potential

Basements provide you with additional space. Consider homes that have unfinished basements to maximize your budget. You can always finish out this space at a later date. It can be converted into a playroom or even an escape for your teenagers. Some basements may even be able to have bedrooms added with the proper egress windows. You may even be able to afford a home with a finished basement. This is one way to get more space out of your home without having to exceed your budget.

Consider the Importance of Yard Size

Having a large yard will allow your children a safe place to play. You can have outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy. This can offer you the benefit of being able to have some alone time while your kids get out some of their energy. You don’t have to make a special trip to the park every day. Just open up the door and the kids can have their own private playground. You may become the family that all the neighbor kids want to come over and visit.

Look for More Than Three Bedrooms

Depending on the number of children that you have, three bedroom options may not be practical. You would definitely have to get more creative with your use of bedroom space. This can leave the rest of your house looking like a large toy box. Four bedrooms or more can provide your whole family with a little breathing space. As your kids get older, they will appreciate having some space to themselves. Consider the number of bathrooms that you need. Having at least one bathroom per two bedrooms can alleviate some of the morning congestion.

Choose a Realtor Who Understands Your Needs

Select a realtor who understands exactly what you’re looking for in a house. This can save you the time and trouble of looking at homes that won’t find your needs. Give your realtor, like those at Wellman Team Real Estate, clear instructions on what you want. Budget, bedroom and bathroom counts, yard size, and finishes are all things to consider. You may be able to get more for your money if you’re willing to take on a home that needs some updating. Many of these homes may offer you more square footage because the finishes are out of date.

Large families don’t require large spaces, but it does help to keep the peace. Don’t limit your options. See the potential of what a home has to offer.

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