Hot Wheels Ultimate Auto Garage Review


The Hot Wheels Ultimate Auto Garage is the biggest, baddest and best Hot Wheels Garage yet!

The Ultimate Garage comes with five vehicles and a helicopter, so all the fun can be contained in this one set! With a full 36 parking spots, the Ultimate Garage offers space for interactive play with all your other Hot Wheels sets! The kids can race the cars side by side in a death-defying race, use one of the two elevators or spin down the spiral track, but don'€™t fall into the water! Fully connectable with other Hot Wheels tracks, the Ultimate Garage is the perfect base for all your Hot Wheels fun.

Features of the Hot Wheels Ultimate Auto Garage

  • 5.8 x 30 x 24 inches
  • Ages 5 – 12 years
  • 3 C batteries required
  • Features multiple action zones
  • Includes 5 vehicles and 1 helicopter

Is the Hot Wheels Ultimate Auto Garage Worth Buying?

I think assembly is the first thing to take into consideration, the vast labyrinth of pieces that will require careful concentration to assemble, but it sure is worth it when you'€™re done.  It is a lot easier to build the Ultimate Garage without the kids around.

The size of the Ultimate Garge is huge!  Tou need to allow a lot of space for immersive play and imagination, luckily it isn't all about cars the Garage brings lights and sounds into play as well.  The set includes 4 different cars, a helicopter and a shark to make the track a little more challenging.

If you're considering purchasing the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage you should take into account whether or not your child enjoys playing with cars and if you have the space for this rather substantial sized toy.  If you answered yes to both then the Ultimate Garage might just be the set for you!  Packed full of activities, actions and ideas, the Ultimate Garage will provide your children with hours of imaginative and creative play.

When it comes to Hot Wheels they are a huge favorite in our house and I'm sure they'll be the same in yours.

Do your kids love Hot Wheels too?


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