Hope And Healing: 3 Pathways To Help You Cope With Infertility


Struggling with infertility affects every aspect of life, not just the size of one’s family. It can take a serious toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health. This is something that more people struggle with than you may think. Because so many people struggle with this, and it is being talked about more and more, there are significantly more resources available to help you cope with infertility. Before crisis can take root, consider these three pathways to coping and know that infertility isn’t the end.

Get Support

You don’t have to go through the stress and heartbreak of infertility alone. In fact, you’ll be better off rallying the support of loved ones and professionals alike to adjust to whatever life brings next. This is a crucial time to lean on and communicate with your partner, and staying strong together will make the issue easier to bear. Make sure that you both have open, empathetic communication to help each other along as you explore your options and decide which will be best for your family. Doctors, counselors, and therapists are also great resources; their knowledge and care can guide you and everyone else involved in learning to handle the wide range of emotions associated with infertility. Although it may seem hard to talk about, your families are also a great resource to help you with your struggle. Make sure that you choose family members you are fairly sure will be supportive and positive influences in your life.

Get Educated

Not all fertility problems are the same, and learning as much about yours can put a little control back into your life. Speak with your doctor about anything you can’t quite grasp, and know what your options are going forward. This can include learning ways to cope and deal with non-reproductive events, as well, since the pains of infertility can easily seep their way into your other affairs. Understanding your body and your responses to the news can help you make better, more informed decisions.

Seek Alternatives

To what extent will you fight this? There is no wrong answer, and the “fighting” can come in several forms.

In vitro fertilization selects prime embryos and fertilizes them outside the body. Be sure to know the costs and risks of this method before giving it a try—it could take several cycles to possibly get a pregnancy.

An egg donation program, like the ones at Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine, can match you with a verified healthy donor and take you through each step of the fertilization process. Adoption and foster care are excellent choices, as well, but they likewise need ample research and dedication.


The path to the family you want may be bumpy, but staying educated and strong through it can help you overcome. Using the tips above to help you move forward with your life, as well as any research you may find on your own. Surround yourself with a positive, healthy support group that you can rely on to help you and give you advice in the future to come.

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